Thursday, December 29, 2005

We visited my Uncle Dick at his new assisted living apartment out in Eagan tonight and had 14 people jammed into the small private dining room for dinner. The 60ish waitress asked everyone's name as she took their order and I whispered to Liv that she'd better make up a new name that would be understandable. But when she answered, "Liv," the woman said, "Like Liv Tyler?"

After dinner we checked out the exercise room and the older generation showed their stuff. From left to right, ages 85, 82, and 77.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Dad!

Happy 59th birthday dad! and Merry Christmas to the entire Anderson clan!

More Christmas pictures here

Monday, December 26, 2005

DaHjaj *linguist* jIH

(today, I am a linguist!)

Thank pod, a sermon
you can download

Once upon a time, God spoke from a burning bush.

These days, you're more likely to hear the Word from an iPod.

Welcome to Godcasts: religious podcasts - radio-style programs posted on the Internet - that have become one of the hottest new uses of technology. ...

There's even a regular biblical podcast in the madeup "Star Trek" language of Klingon (although there's some English, too).

"Podcasts have an immediacy that seems very personal - you don't just see something, you hear a friendly voice. I think that spiritual subjects are a natural fit for this kind of radio," said Joel Anderson, 51, a computer professional and linguist in Minnesota who started The Klingon Word in March. ....

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Ander-Christmas North

Some scenes from Christmas 2005 in Minnesota.
Liv says, "The best Christmas ever!"

Ho-Ho-Happy Birthday to Mark!


_.' _..._\
_/ .'_..._ '
.' / /.'==..=\:
'._\ \\ O _O<'
_/_/ ._'._).'_
/ \_/ .=== \ \
\ | / |
\ \ \ | |/
'-._ | . /
'.\ / You know... if Mark just had
\__\ a hat like that....

Merry Christmas to one and all!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Tom and Beckie's Wedding!

Congratulations you two!

See all the pictures HERE

The Wedding Rehearsal

Well the wedding rehearsal went off without a hitch tonight. We went through the program twice just to make sure. Afterwards we had dinner at mom and dad's house, and got out all of the pre-wedding jitters. We can't wait for you two to become one tomorrow. God Bless!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Wedding Notes

Email from Nancy with important Wedding Notes:

Dear Family,
Just a note about parking at the wedding. You can park on the street or in the Christ Church parking lot on 13th Av. and 31st St. (Our church, Salem EFC, is on 14th Av. and 31st St.) Park close to 31st St. and don’t leave any valuables visible in your car. Don’t put anything in your trunk after arriving in the parking lot. We have the church’s permission to park there, but they asked us to take these precautions.

On another subject, YOU ARE WELCOME TO COME TO OUR HOME, 3133 Elliot Av. S. at noon on Sunday for brunch. Some of my family from Illinois will be there, too. I’m having it early so that those who are leaving Sunday hopefully will be able to come.

You’re also welcome to come to our church service Sunday morning, 10:30 - 11:30. (Informal coffee time before hand, featuring cookie making or just sitting & visiting. This part starts at 9:00, but you can come anytime.) I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!! Love, Nancy

Monday, December 12, 2005


Teresa, your purple flower came up first and I thought, wow, what a beautiful orchid in the snow! It is beautiful.
Liv, we listened to your whole concert on the radio. It was really fantastic! A great Christmas Experience! Thanks. I can't wait to see y'all.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Me again

On previous winter visits to Washington, DC, I admired the ornamental cabbages planted in public gardens. This fall, I planted a couple in the back yard. Contrast the cabbage garden outside of the Capitol Hill Hyatt last week with my poor cabbage photographed today. We believe it to be a victim of rabbits rather than the Minnesota weather, however.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Washington, DC

I got back last night from four days at the national hepatitis conference in DC. Kinda boring, except the sightseeing. I visited the new American Indian museum and took this picture of the capitol through their marsh grass... kind of ironic.

Friday, December 09, 2005

well there is definitely plenty of snow here in chicago now. we practically had a blizzard yesterday. I took a picture with my camera phone from my dorm room window. here it is

the other day I was playing in an IM basketball game and how shall I put this? let's just say a guy tripped over me, and he (or I depending on how you choose to look at it) broke his leg in 2 places. we won that game 47-46 so I guess I was kind of the hero. that is our first and only game that we have won so far, I think our record is 1-8 or something like that. I cant wait to come home

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Preparing for the cold

New York is kindly helping me get ready for being in Minnesota next weekend by having really cold weather! Brrrr. Well, I am looking forward to Tom's wedding and seeing everyone. See you soon!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

I dont know if anyone has ever heard of kyle orton, but I sure hadnt until tonight. a good friend from high school, grace flannery, was in chicago today with some classmates of hers from the university of wisconsin in madison, so john and will and I all went downtown to hang out with her. we were with grace and her roommate and her roommate's friend from northwestern in some little restaurant under the john hancock building and some guy came in and sat down with us. I thought I kind of recognized him, but I really had no idea who he was. as we were leaving will told me that the guy was the quarterback of the chicago bears. I was in a state of disbelief. so as we were all walking down michigan ave I asked him what his name was. He said his name was kyle and I said that I was stevie and shook his hand. I asked him where he was from and he told me Iowa. I told him that I am from minneapolis and he said that was cool. we werent a hundred percent sure that it was him so we looked him up on the internet when we got back to north park and it was kyle orton of the chicago bears for sure. you can watch my new friend on nbc I think at 12 noon tomorrow as he will be starting as quarterback for the chicago bears in their game against the green bay packers. and it snowed a lot. it looks really nice, but it is really wet and I am afraid that it will all melt as soon as the sun comes out tomorrow

Pete's Edit: Here is a picture of Kyle Orton

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Festival

I hope they use clean needles, Stevie. Are you trying to worry us so we'll send you money?

Last night, Joel and I attended our first St. Olaf Christmas Festival. It was quite the event--five choirs and an orchestra, involving 1/6 of the school's students. There are four performances and each hosts about 2,000 guests. Unfortunately, our seats were to the side and so close to the stage that we couldn't see some of the participants, including our darling daughter. For those of you with access to local public radio, the Sunday show will be broadcast live at 3:30.

Here's a picture of Liv afterward.

well there really isnt any snow here in chicago, but I did give plasma today. not only do they pay me cash, but they pay in two dollar bills. what a deal!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

roof jumping

traying certainly sounds like a lot of fun liv - we did something similar in Duluth when i was in college. The most fun we had though was to go to the 1 story residence hall and jump off the roof into the huge snow drifts that would gather below. Isn't college fun! (and you even get to learn too!)


Here are some of my friends and I traying (sledding on trays) last night. The snow was so pretty. We sled on trays and plastic bags down Old Main Hill. I'm looking forward to lots more fun sledding adventures!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hmm... Minnesota in December

Congrats on your achievement, Ingrid. As far as the weather here, it probably will be quite cold. Right now, at 7:20 pm on Nov. 30, it is 19 degrees F. It could well be below zero. We have plenty of extra jackets and coats, however, so don't feel you have to come equipped with everything for an Antarctic expedition. We are looking forward to the wedding and the giant Anderson slumber party at our house!


Thanks, Joel. Great picture, by the way. I'll have to find some of that ale! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks, and have a question: exactly how cold is it going to be in Minnesota in December? I know I spent four years in college there but we always had Thanksgiving to Christmas off...


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Give a cheer!

Congratulations, Dr. Ingrid!!!!

(sorry - I googled for a "celebration picture".. and this looked nice and Christmas-y too... so...)

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

so tomorrow is the big day. my parents are coming down to chicago to take me home to beautiful minneapolis. I cant wait. liv and I have been using the internet recently to communicate to each other how much we are looking forward to thanksgiving dinner on thursday. I'll see most of you there, and to any out of state andersons happy thanksgiving!

What Fun!!

Well, I couldn't let Mark and Teresa have all the fun! I did my own reenactment of "The Fantastic Voyage" (i.e. a colonscopy) today. Wasn't that bad... interesting even.

Speaking of "on screen entertainment" KARE-11 did a feature about podcasting - if you can watch it, you'll hear a bit of Klingon:

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Joining the Blogosphere

Hi Family,

I've joined the ranks of my cousins and uncles and started a blog--great procrastination potential for those last few thesis writing months...Looking forward to seeing everyone in December!

Click on the link: Wilton Drive

Its been great to hear how Steve and Liv are doing in college, and to hear about the Madrid trip. Post lots of photos!


PETE's UPDATE: just an editorial note - Wilton Drive Blog now added to the links on the right. :)

Atmosphere Finally Made a Good Record

So, last night I went to an amazing concert. It was literally hip-hop heaven. It was the last show on the Atmosphere tour. My friends and I waited outside of First Ave. for an hour and fifteen minutes to make sure that we would get the best spots. We had tickets but we were willing to wait in the blistering cold so that we could get super close. We did get in close! Heck yes! (Because "heck" is what rappers say) I was standing in the second row and half of us were in the first row up agains the rail.
The concert started with P.O.S. who a-frickin-mazing. He was so good and kept giving shout outs to his mom who was standing in VIP stage right. He kept making us wave at her, it was fun. He was amazing and I plan to purchase his albums.
Next up was Blueprint who was super cool too. I'll just leave it at that, he was super cool.
Last, but not least, was Atmosphere. Slug rocked the set with a live band. At first there was a fellow dressed up in like 40s hipster wear, like a fedora/jacket, etc, behind the bar (which lit up saying "Pour Me Another," like the new Atmosphere song off the new album). This turned out to be Cresent Moon, who served drinks to the live band and Ant (the DJ, who eventually came out and rocked out with Slug). Then Cresent Moon layed down some rhymes with Slug and then----BOOM! Brother Ali came out. Brother Ali solely joined them for this one show. The one show that I was at. WOO!
Atmosphere was a little much, so much liquor, etc., but it was still great. And Cresent Moon gave us the ping-pong balls that dropped on the drummer and Slug gave my friend Kate Cresent Moon's tambourine, so that was awes. P.O.S. and Blueprint were surprisingly good and really made my day. And, P.S., Cresent Moon is good looking.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Here is a pic of the Internet Cafe. Everything else in Madrid was beautiful.

Friday, November 11, 2005


Greetings from Norris and Teresa. We are in a very seedy and smoky Internet cafe in Madrid. We have been doing a lot of walking and sightseeing and my presentation is now over. We have seen half a dozen museums and eaten a lot of bad food (as we find it hard to coordinate our schedules with Spanish eating times). Norris did go out for tapas last night at 10:00 with the younger brother of the pediatrician who invited me here. Tomorrow she is driving us to a monastery and then making us dinner at her house.

Happy Veteran's Day to one and all!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Rock in a Hard Place

I'm part of a faculty-student rock band at Murray. That's Mr. Chan on the strat. We have had two practices so far. We are working on a set of classic rock with a few newer songs too. We get to practice in the Orchestra room at school which is pretty nice.

Friday, November 04, 2005

classes are going well here at north park. two of my professors have commented that I should change my major to their particular subject. so far I am undecided, and I have no plans of changing that in the near future. I am on an intramural basketball team and it is a lot of fun. we are in the A league or whatever, with really good people. its weird because I really dont know how to play basketball on a team so I end up feeling pretty awkward a lot of the time. I am averaging 5 points a game I think, I have made a couple of sweet blocks and I am really pulling down the rebounds like an old pro. tonight we played some old guys who are students in the seminary. they were all really old(in their 30's if you can believe that!!!!) and I sure gave them plenty of grief. I was talking a lot of trash and cracking jokes about bifocals and stuff. one man on their team was getting particularly frustrated as he thought that he had been fouled by one of the players on my team so I gently reminded him to keep in mind the fruits of the spirit. it was fun but my team lost. we dont really take ourselves or winning too seriously though so it's all good. last night I went to a brother ali concert at the abbey pub which is near north park. brother ali is a rapper from minneapolis and it was cool cause he was wearing a twins hat and he talks about minneapolis in some of his songs. he is a white, albino, heavy set fellow. I miss mpls, and even st paul and I am looking forward to coming home for thanksgiving. I hope all is well at home, where ever that is these days

Friday, October 28, 2005

Podcast people

Coming to you in Cyberspace! My photo, as it will appear in the Pioneer Press on Sunday, 10/30/2005 (click here for article):

Slideshow element

Joel Anderson, melds the Scriptures and warriorlike "Star Trek" aliens in his "A Klingon Word for the Word," which focuses on the Bible as filtered through the guttural Klingon tongue. Anderson produces his audio show with low-cost gear.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The North Shore of Lake Superior

Maria and I went on a 4 day trip to Northern Minnesota this past weekend. We stayed in Duluth for one night, and at a cabin near Gooseberry Falls for the other two nights. The weather was perfect, and we couldn't have asked for more beautiful fall colors.

Check out some of our pictures HERE

Tettegouche State Park
Tettegouche State Park - Lake Superior

Monday, October 17, 2005

Liv's Learning Arabic

... Get it
That's the Arabic letter
, said "wow."

Well, the point of this story was to inform my dear family about my goings-on on "the Hill." I'm a proud member of our Arabic Language Lessons at St. Olaf. We meet once a week and are learning Arabic through a club started by
Khider, or , a junior at St. Olaf. He's a pretty funny cat. So far I know the alphabet after my one lesson. It's pretty crazy. I can actually write the alphabet and say each letter and do it off the top of my head, so I feel like a little kid learning to write. Next I learn to connect my letters, or alphabets as we say.



Sunday, October 09, 2005

the weather in chicago has been very refreshing. it is actually 53 degrees right now but it has been mostly in the 40s and 30s at night. It is so much fun to wear sweaters and stuff. also, it's great sleeping weather. I have a few papers to write so I better go. I hope things are going well at home.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


Not to remind you all to vote for my podcast "A Klingon Word from the Word" (but go HERE, if you want to :) , but I thought you might be interested in the fact that the famous Adam Curry mentioned it this week in his "Podfinder" show!

Sunday, October 02, 2005

My new CD

My musician friend Jeremy ( has cancer and last night I played a couple of songs as a part of a benefit concert for him. When I arrived, I found out he had taken some recordings I had given him and had them mastered and produced 30 copies of it. So I sold my first four CDs. I charged $8 a piece. (this son of a math teacher figures that's $32) If you would like a copy, e-mail me and I'll send you one. It's basically me and a guitar. Okay, it's good to be back on the blog.


Tom just brought me a copy of his CD on Friday - and it is actually really good. I'd encourage you each to get a copy. Tom I think my favorite song is now "A Passionless Age", it's getting heavy rotation in my Itunes playlists..

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Attention! Andersons over 50:oscopy

Friday I had my first ever colonoscopy. Several years ago I had a procedure called a flexible sigmoidoscopy which also examines the colon. It was verrrrrrry ! uncomfortable. When I had a physical in August my doctor suggested it was time for a colonoscopy. I was not thrilled but took the information with the thought that I would do it whenever it was convenient. However my doctor had contacted Minnesota Enterology who sent me a packet of information and then followed up with a phone call encouraging me to make my appointment. So I made my appointment for September 30 a day when there was no school for students and I wouldn't need a sub. I followed the prep procedures; low fiber diet Tuesday and Wednesday, liquid diet Thursday followed by a process for cleaning me out which I will not describe. Friday morning I arrived at the clinic at 8:45 accompanied by my lovely driver Nancy. The doctor and nurses were very nice to me and the procedure went off without a hitch. And there was very little discomfort. Best of all I got a clean bill of health and I won't need another one for ten years. Nancy and I celebrated by going out to Perkins for pancakes. Today I celebrated by eating lots of vegies and going on a 57 mile bike ride to Carver Park. So if you are an Anderson over 50 maybe you should have one too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A dog's day

Hey, fam!

I had a really exciting day. Some contractors were coming to fix our living room ceiling, so my mommy asked Dr. Deborah if I could come to work today and she said YES! (even though she hates pets) I had a great time whoofing at any little noise (doorbell, printer, phone, etc.) while my mom attempted to shush me. The best part of the day was when I found a present for my mommy under an unused desk. I don't know why she screamed when I dropped it at her feet--I found a mummified mouse in a mousetrap quite interesting! I'm exhausted tonight--having a job is hard work.

Love, Koko

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Paul, Happy National Pancake Day!

Happy Birthday Paul - and a happy national pancake day to all! One of the networking groups here at the U (that I used to work for) celebrated (pancake day) with a nice banquet of pancakes, waffles, fruit and good strong coffee* - how Swedish is that?

The Home of the Swedish Pancake!
Findus och Pettson lagar pannkaka
A clear GIF picture for your pleasure
How To Eat Swedish Pancakes
Set a table for 4 persons. If you are more than that you have to make more Swedish Pancakes. Add in proportion to the recipe above.
A clear GIF picture for your pleasure
Use dinner plates, knifes and forks.
A clear GIF picture for your pleasure
The only drink possible with Swedish Pancakes is milk.
A clear GIF picture for your pleasure
The Swedish Pancakes should be eaten together with either the jam or fruit preserve of your choice or ice cream - or both. The rules are not strict here. The important thing is that you like it. Basically it should be sweet and rather unhealthy.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

happy birthday

happy birthday everyone.

chicago and college are all treating me well. the past two days I spent a lot of time with my friend nick chrastil, from south high who was visiting chicago with his family. they were staying in his grandmother's condo on the 55th floor of the john hancock building, the second tallest building in chicago after the sears tower. the view was amazing and we had access to a pool, sauna and work out facilites. it was a lot of fun. everyone in the city of chicago thinks I either look like hulk hogan or heath ledger. I consider both to be a compliment.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Time (and birthdays) Are All Relative

,---,_ ,
_> `'-. .--'/ Ya - and Happy Birthday to
.--'` ._ `/ <_ Tom and Lynda!
>,-' ._'.. ..__ . ' '-. ---------------
.-' .'` `'. '. /
> / >`-. .-'< \ , '._ / ; '-._> <_.-'>
`> ,/ /___\ /___\ \_ /
`.-|(| \o_/ \o_/ |)|`
\; \ ;/
\ .-, )-. /
/` .'-'. ` ;_.-`.___.'-.;

Happy Birthday, Mom!

(That's mom on her bike in South Dakota)
Happy Birthday! I hope the year ahead is a great one.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

I went for a bike ride along the lake shore this morning and it was so beautiful. there was not a cloud in the sky and the lake was a beautiful aqua color. chicago is a very beautiful city. biking is also economically awesome. I saved $3.50 by riding my bike instead of taking the train and I got some exercise while I was at it. well I am doing my laundry and I cant think of anything else to say, so keep it real fam.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Tap dancing, hmmm...

Well, Stevie, I think it is awesome that you got up for your 8:00 class!

Perhaps I could expand my limited drumming talent by adding tap dancing to my shtick. I had an interesting experience with our new community band at the last rehearsal. Another drummer showed up who was blind (could see a tiny bit, but had a white cane), mostly deaf, completely toothless (awaiting his dentures), and elderly. Far from being pathetic and helpless, he adjusted my equipment to his specifications and never let me play! Joel keep making faces at me (like, "Say something!"), so after an hour, I cheerfully asked, "Would you like a break?" and he said, "Nope."

I finally got the idea across that I was supposed to practice too, but he still apparently views me as his roadie as his last words to me were what equipment to bring to the next session!

tilly and the wall

boy am I ever enjoying chicago. last night I went t0 my first 18+ show at the abbey pub. I saw tilly and the wall, who is now one of my favorite bands in the whole world. they have a guy on guitar who also sings, a man on the keyboard, two girls who sing and sometimes play instruments, and another girl who is the percussionist. she is a tap dancer though, and the other two girls tap too. they are so awesome cause they have a bunch of vocal harmony and they are really creative and energetic and fun and awesome. I think that one of them is my soulmate, but Im not sure yet. she doesnt look swedish, so I've got some mixed feelings. aNYways, chicago is cool and awesome and swell and I am doing really well. so this morning i went to my 8 oclock lit class and the teacher didnt come and I just got back and I had an email saying that she is sick. this is awesome.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

wedded bliss

I took the train from chicago to sturtevant illinois yesterday for andrew papillon's wedding. tom was the best man and my mom and dad and beckie were all there as well. it was a really nice ceremony with a string quartet and trumpet player, but the reception was a little lacking. there was no dancing. I can't wait until tom and beckie's!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Is This A Sign?

So, I moved in on Saturday and all Saturday evening/night and Sunday morning/noontime there was a crazy lightning storm here. And overnight the cross on top of our chapel got stuck by lightning. Yes, the cross. And a huge chunk of stone broke off of it and the organ in the church no longer works. Everyone is really worried it'll break off and crush someone and so the whole chapel area is blocked of.


Hey, guess what family? I got into the Manitou Singers. That's the freshman women's choir here at St. Olaf. Woo.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hoyme's Got the Power

Hey family! Well, I'm relaxing during another busy day in Hoyme. (It's my Home...with a Y) St. Olaf is a lot of fun and I've met a lot of people and they are all pretty cool. I met this kid named Stephen Anderson. He is really crazy and from Illinois. We hang out and it's fun. There are a lot of names spinning through my head...In conclusion, HOYME POWER!


State Fair

We're glad to hear that all the college bound Anderson's are settling in and set for a year of learning (and other experiences i'm sure). Good luck on the upcoming year.

We went to the fair on Friday and had a great time indulging in every manner of food on a stick - as well as enjoying the displays, rides and general good times at the fair. I think Maria's favorite part of the day was the Miracle of Birth Barn, while my favorite part was the Sweet Martha's cookies. I think I've eaten enough to last me until next year.

Good luck


Just wanted to wish everyone good luck at college and with the empty nests! I hope one of you all gets married soon so I can come back and visit...Drink a tea at Blue Mondays for me, Liv!

See you,

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Um Ya Ya!

Here's the view you get after hauling bags and boxes up three flights of stairs to Liv's new digs on the St. Olaf campus (click the picture for a bigger version). I guess you don't HAVE to haul stuff up there to get the view, but that's how WE did it.

Liv is all moved in and happy with the execution of her design for the room she shares with Katie. (Chances are she'll be posting some pictures of the room herself.) We had a nice day helping her settle in, as well as hearing *delightful* speeches from the faculty. As Stevie said of one of his professors, they were a bit "longwinded."
We weren't able to indulge in any tears on our way home because, due to a sudden storm, the visibility was poor enough.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Andersons at the Fair, 2005 (click for a bigger picture)

We've been busy at the Fair! Besides Norris, Teresa and Joel marching (well, rolling) in the parade on Friday, we (Joel, Teresa and Liv) have been volunteering at various booths, and entering our creative works in the competitions. Norris is also judging 4H talent. All told, we managed to score 14 free tickets!


chicago is pretty awesome. there are these thrift stores here that i would maybe compare to the salvation army or goodwill rather than savers because it isnt as neatly kept up as savers but there are still lots of nice namebrand clothes. the stuff there is way better any of the aforementioned stores because the prices are ridiculously low. I bought two pairs of polo khakis and a pair of tommy hilfiger cords for 7 dollars total. and today I bought a biker/messenger style of backpack for only 90 cents. I am pretty impressed at my frugality and vocabulary at the moment. classes start tomorrow and I am taking intro to the bible, studies in literature, intro to the personal computer and internet and then some fruitcake class. my email is just in case anyone wants to send me a friendly greeting or whatev. also, if you would like to visit me, feel free to stop on by. just make sure that i know you are coming first. well I better go party.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Empty Nest

Nancy and I took a big step towards empty nesterdom this week when we deposited Stephen and many of his wordly possessions at North Park University in Chicago where he is beginning his freshman year. Tuesday we traveled in two vehicles with the family of best friend and roommate John Robert Madsen to Woodale, Illinois outside Chicago where we had reservations. Wednesday was spent on campus participating in a variety of orientation activities for students and/or parents. The high point of the day for me was unloading the vans and bringing the boy's belongings to their third floor room. This was accomplished with the able of assistance of returning student/staff who did all of the carrying up the stairs. At 4:00 Stevie and I walked Nancy to the elevated train station near the campus. She took that train to the Amtrak station and proceeded to Galesburg to visit her parents down on the farm for a week. After one more parent session I said good bye and left for home at 5:30. In Chicago rush hour traffic it took me one hour to travel the first 25 miles. I arrived at home at 1:00 A.M. Study hard and have a great year Stevie and John.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Twins Game

I had one free ticket to last night's Twins game against the White Sox. It was probably one of the most exciting Twins games I've ever been to. The Twinkies were held hitless through the eighth inning when Jacque Jones hit a home run. It was the only hit the Twins got all night, but it was enough as they pulled out a 1-0 win. I heard on the radio its only the second time in Twins history that they've won a game with only one hit.

After the game I took a few pictures on the way back to my car. Here's one of them:

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Good luck Stevie!

I had a good time over at Mom and Dad's house last night saying goodbye to Stevie as he embarks on his college adventure. Although I didn't realize that you were going to be staying on the "North Ark"? Is that something like Noah's Ark?. In any event, good luck Stevie!

On Sunday Maria participated in a lake baptism at Lake Minnewashta in Carver County. It was a very meaningful time, and some of the testimonies (including Maria's) were very touching. It was a beautiful night, and I was very proud of Maria for going up there and speaking as I'm sure it wasn't easy to do. Great job honey!

Maria is the third from the left in the water


well I leave for chicago and northark today. I am excited and I am sure that it will be a lot of fun. wish me luck. goodbye familia.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

New from Buford Avenue

We just learned that my Aunt Bev (who most of you know) died suddenly this morning. She had bypass surgery on Tuesday and was expected to go home tomorrow, but collapsed while walking. My uncle has not been doing well mentally and physically, so there will be many changes.

I got a second job as a part-time faculty member at Anoka-Ramsey Community College. I will be teaching a health class Monday nights. The only problem is I was hired on Tuesday and the class starts next Monday. So I've been busy developing my syllabus and curriculum in between drumming for "Music Man, Jr." at Como Pavilion.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

8 - 17 - 87 EASY TO REMEMBER!

EASY TO REMEMBER THE DATE 8 - 17 - 87 ... so sorry I didn't!
I hope you had a great day, LIV! Congratulations on Eighteen years of enjoying life! Nancy

Monday, August 15, 2005

Minnesota Christian Ashram

We just got back from the Minnesota Christian Ashram at St John's University. We had a great time hanging out with family, worshipping and attending the various bible studies. View some pictures of the events:


Monday, August 01, 2005

wow! congrats!

Congratulations Tom and Beckie!

I just back from "the worlds largest underground hacker convention" - three *hot* days in Las Vegas, learning among other things how to hack using Google and how to get out a set of handcuffs.

A very good and educational time - though exhausting in the 107 degree heat.

no, I didn't use this ATM

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Maria and I were in Webster, Wisconsin this weekend at her Godparent's cabin (see picture). We had a great time playing with all their assorted toys including their wave runner, ATVs, and boat. We both came away with a bit of sunburn, but had a wonderful and relaxing time.

OK, on to the big news (as was stated in my title). We got home tonight and noticed that we had a voicemail. We listened to it and found out that TOM & BECKIE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!

Sorry about the silly photo it's all i have. :)

We called him up and he regaled us with the tale of how he had proposed to her while they were on a mission trip to New York. I'm sure Tom will come on here and tell the story himself, so I won't spoil it. But let me be the first to say on this Blog - Congratulations Tom and Beckie!!


I was just in new york city for a week. the high light of the week actually happened before I got to the city. we had a quick layover in chicago on the way there and I went for a walk in the airport. I sat down just to look out the window and when I looked up I saw jesse jackson sitting across from me. I called tom on his phone since he was on the other side of the airport and told him to come see jesse jackson, so he and beckie came over and sat down for a minute, but they were quickly intimidated and left. I made up my mind to shake his hand and after 10-15 minutes of gathering my courage I finally walked over to him and said hello as I extended my hand to shake his. He shook my hand but held up the index finger of his other hand to indicate that he was busy. I then realized that he was talking on the phone via an earpiece. boy was that embarrassing. so I ran off quickly with my tail between my legs.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Yesterday my mom and I did some intense dorm shopping at Ikea. Today I assembled this awesome Malm endtable dealy with my new Fixa. Here I am representing Swedish pride.

Friday, July 29, 2005

At Sandy and Dale's Cabin

Here are some pictures of the Peterson, Mueller, Anderson cousin get together on Lake Shamineau. Click this link to see Sandy's slideshow. (note: use Internet Explorer to watch the slideshow.) Sandy writes: "I also threw in a photo of our oldest son Jonathan. He and his girlfriend Abby and his friend from college, Byron Boone, came just after everyone left. Byron had just arrived at the half way point (Stillwater) on his bike trip across the US (Washington to Maine). "

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Sweltering City

Norris and I took a four-day road trip to Chicago this weekend. We had many adventures, including surviving a White Sox day game when the temperature was 102, sitting in the very top row of Wrigley Field watching a thunderstorm approach from behind us, getting lost multiple times, stomping out of Wisconsin Dells in a huff, and starting for home with a total of 29c for the many tollbooths ahead of us!

We also saw the science museum's "Body Worlds" exhibit, the Art Institute's Toulouse-Lautrec exhibit, the Brookfield Zoo, and Frank Lloyd Wright's home and studio. The picture is from the new Millennium Park on the lake.

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Happy Thirtieth Anniversary!!

Happy Anniversary, Joel & Teresa!
I thought about your anniversary when I was down in Illinois and on the trip back. I hope you had a great day. I was going to call you tonight, and then realized, "What couple wants a call from their sister-in-law on their anniversary?" ... Am I right? That was a beautiful picture, Liv!


Happy 30th Anniversary to my parents. Woo! Here they are with their two absolutely adorable children.