Saturday, December 06, 2003

Moving Experiences

Well, we spent all Thursday moving Norris in to his new place. I got 17,000+ steps on my pedometer (usually 10,000 is the goal), some cuts on my hands and aches in muscles I forgot I had.

Thanks to Mark and Nancy for the loan of their van - it was a tremendous help! We used it to bring innumerable boxes and bags of clothes, shoes and whatnot, his bed, four armchairs, a dining room table from Goodwill, various furnishings from World Market, and a desk. Well the desk was for US. Norris benefited from Teresa's work by getting two nice leather armchairs that her boss was getting rid of, and then we learned they (Immunization Action Coalition) had a desk that they were getting rid, so we hauled that back to our place. Once all the rearrangement is done at our home, we'll have a den with a real desk!

No pictures yet, but we can report that Koko gives his seal of approval - he stopped by last night and looked the place over - he likes the windows that reach low enough to the floor for him to look out.

Quick question : someone email me Tom's email address, please (don't put it on the blog, or he'll get more spam.)

Thursday, December 04, 2003

liv you silly little couzin

yo cuz, this big black kid in my gym class named chris "killa" otis called me nephew today. i thought that was pretty cool. it sounds like maybe your defensiveness concerning people's reaction to the color of your hair is partly due to the deeper insecurities which drove you to dye it pink in the first place(jp). no but seriosly, I am very proud of you liv. I think thats tight. actually, a girl in my math class has her hair dyed blond and red and black at the same time. it looks pretty crazy. ok, now for the second installment of "stevie's joke of the day."

Q:what did the tea cup say to the tea pot?

A:nothing silly, tea cups cant talk.

I hope you all liked that one. it is one of my favorites. so in my math class today, my math teacher was really dumb and stuff. she is pretty stupid. I dont like her very much. all my other teachers are really chill though. especially mr. fitz. his wife used to be a lesbian. she is also a teacher at my school. he is funny. he curses sometimes but thats not as funny as when he almost curses and then says something silly like "muffed up" instead of what he originally intended. he is like 27 and his wife is 34 or something. peace.
Hair, long beautiful hair
Well, it may (or may not) shock and surprise you to know that my hair is now pink. Well, it shocked Deb, the liturgical dance leader at my church. But when I spoke to her and saw her it seemed to have shocked her in a good way. But then she talks to other people (behind my back, of course) about that my hair poses a "problem." So what does she do? Not call me to talk, of course! That would be the mature solution. Instead she has the other dance leader call me. So first she lies to me then she won't even face the "problem." I find it extremely immature for an adult who is a mother and supposed to be a role model within the church to not only not talk to me about the problem, but lie to me.
I had initially intended on covering my hair with a liturgically colored scarf (as used to be tradition in the Catholic church) and this is still the plan, if she would have just addressed what she saw as the problem, she would have found the solution to be a lot easier than she thought, instead of making me respect her even less.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

the prodigal cousin has returned

greetings to one and all. the day has finally come; I have obtained my own screen name for the family blogger. to mark this momentous occasion I shall institute a new tradition.

stevie's joke of the day.
Q: what's the hardest part of a vegetable to eat?

A: the wheelchair

sorry about that one if anybody takes offense to it. I think that it's a pretty good joke. I told it to my friend will muessig and he started laughing in the middle of class when we were supposed to be quietly reading to ourselves. he has a very distinctive laugh to say the least.

how about I put in a quote from the latest book I have been reading.
it is a short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky with the title "white nights"

"it was a sad and dismal day today, rainy, without a ray of hope, just like the long days of my old age which I know will be as sad and dismal."

there is this girl really annoying girl in my gym class. she is afraid of deer. if people even say the word "deer" she gets all freaked out. what a dummy. she is so stupid. I think that she is actually just looking for attention while at the same time distancing herself from the rest of humanity in a frail attempt to come to terms with her bitter loneliness.

the end.

Tuesday, December 02, 2003

Hi everyone. Here's me after running the half-marathon in Atlanta with my friend Nancy, who was my support team.