Saturday, January 21, 2006


Maria and I are going to be flying down to Florida on Tuesday morning for our first real vacation in almost two years. We're flying down with her parents, and staying at 2 different condos that her parents have rented for the week. (see picture below of our condo in Fort Myers. )

We'll be in Florida for 9 days, 5 in Fort Myers at the above condo, and then 4 days in New Smyrna Beach at another condo on the beach. We're really excited, and I'm sure we'll be putting up a bunch of pictures here when we get back! See you all soon!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Nuclear plant on the Mississippi

The "nuclearly warmed lake" is actually the Mississippi River. Information about the Monticello nuclear plant can be found HERE, and a map can be seen HERE. The swans that are shown are just downriver from the area shown in the map.

Who knows, maybe we'll see a species of SUPER SWANS spring out of the region with super trumpeting powers.. :)
...that can't be good for the birds to swim in a nuclearly warmed lake...