Saturday, June 23, 2007

Saturday morning jaunt

After reading about the Mill City farmer's market in the paper this week, Joel and I decided to check it out. I was especially interested in the homemade mini doughnuts. We took the bus to the Metrodome stop and walked to the market. Unfortunately, it was extremely busy (guess other people read the newspaper) and many food vendors were either sold out or had very long lines, including the mini doughnut stand. Joel toured the Guthrie and its 'endless bridge' which he had not seen before. We then walked across the Stone Arch Bridge and found our way to the newly opened Water Power Park (accompanying picture is taken from there). Deciding it didn't make sense to backtrack to the Metrodome stop, we ended up walking all the way from St. Anthony Main to the University of Minnesota to catch a Como Avenue bus back home (we could have caught a connecting bus on University Avenue if Joel hadn't been in a Dunn Brothers buying iced coffee when it went by). But Joel did want to bike in the first place, so he gets credit for that.