Thursday, September 04, 2003

Some times the only word is Qapla'!

Today we got a new letter from the state after they talked to Como:

....According to M.S. 124D.09, Liv may take five courses this semester at the high school and one course at college in the PSEO program and all will be covered with state funds. ...It is to the district's advantage by over $400 to allow her to take five courses instead of four at the high school. ....

We have been having quite a stressful time the last few weeks, dealing with Liv's school and the school district about their interpretation of the PSEO law (for you non-Minnesotans, that's how Peter, Tom, and Norris got to take college classes for free when in high school). We had made no headway by the start of school so I contacted school board members, one of whom, Anne Carroll, really came through for us. On Tuesday, she called me for at least six long telephone conversations, including one at 9:30 pm. She set up a meeting for us with Como's principal and head counselor and several district people, including the Area Superintendent. We ended up giving in some just to make it through the school year, but we did get a schedule we can live with and the A.S. did promise to actually contact the people at the MN Dept. of Education and modify their policy if indicated.

Anyway, yesterday was a crazy day as Liv had also temporaily enrolled in more classes at the 'U' in case things didn't work out at Como, so Joel went to her first class for her in the morning and I picked him up from there to race to the meeting. Now he is sad because he has to drop out! And he was the teacher's pet, in his tie and all! Then in the evening, Joel, Norris, and I drove to St. Francis for our first rehearsal of "The Sound of Music," which lasted from 7:00-9:30. Florian was urging people to have a more upbeat tempo... I think we three were half asleep.

Anyway, all's well that ends well (I think).

Sunday, August 31, 2003

The fair isn't too bad as long as you don't let the bad parts get you down. Like what do you do when a dozen bees invade your booth? (And I'm not exaggerating I actually counted.) Just keep working and smiling and just pray they won't sting you. And they didn't. I also tried to kill the maximum number possible. I felt like I was in some weird horror flick because although I had killed over twenty of them, there were always the same number buzzing around. They were definately defying a few laws of nature.