Saturday, July 03, 2004

La Policía

So I'm sure the first two pictures make sense, so I won't bore you with stories of those. But hopefully you're confused why I'm in the back of a police truck. So, I'll regale you with that tale.
It all begins at about 9:30 pm in a little café. Jackie and I were enjoying some dessert and realized that we needed to get back to the hotel by our 10:00 curfew. So we get our check and start walking, by this time it's about 9:40, so we figure we knew where were were and we could get the 10 blocks in twenty minutes.
Of course, we could have, had we turned left instead of right. But, seeing as we were on a 5 mile long island, we figured we knew where we were and that it was nearly impossible to get lost. If you didn't guess yet, we got lost. In fact, we got very lost. We wound up on the southern tip of the island. And to top it off, we were alone and it was dark. But, we figured, it's an island and if we just keep walking, we'll get there eventually. So, we're at the southern tip and we turn and suddenly we're in a dark alley. Well, we knew that was wrong, so we're pretty scared now. The only person we could see was a shady looking character across the street, so our heartbeats are just racing. SUDDENLY---a police truck turns the corner and I'm out of ideas so I just yell "OYE!" at the truck and it stops. So we ask the 5 police officers where the Posada del Mar is, and they point down the street and tell us it's about three miles away. Then they offer us a ride and we just shrug and jump in the bed of the truck. We keep talking to them, and they wind up being really nice and are very interested that Jackie's father is a police officer. Another cop points out the best seafood restaurant in Mexico, where to shop forjewelryy and the best beach on the island. But, rather than just drop us off, they pull all the way into the hotel. We were relieved to see that our teacher was not outside, as she would have had a heartattack. As we were about to get out, a cop offered to take our picture, and we decided that was the perfect way to cap off the evening. And we even got back on time.
Sorry for how long that was.

Friday, July 02, 2004

Pictures from a Trip.....

I'll rely on Liv to add commentary, but here are a few pictures from her trip to Mexico:

Liv and Jackie at Chichen Itza

Together with their host, Dulce

A police truck is always a handy way to get home!

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

party at stevie's

hey whats up fam? my parents are going out of town today to visit my grandparents. I guess I will have the place to myself tonight tomorrow and friday. On saturday morning I leave for salt lake city, utah, with our church's youth group. well that is pretty much everything that is going on with me. see ya on the flippity. peace.