Saturday, March 22, 2003


The other day, Liv noticed a deal on AOLwhere had free searches available on the complete 1930 US census. On a whim she entered her Great Grandpa Hans Asper's name, and found it (That was pretty easy, as there were only two entries - one in South Dakota, and another in Illinois). [note: Those free searches might only work if you are using AOL. When I tried it with a regular browser, it seemed to want me to buy a subscription.]

Digging a little more I went for Andersons and Petersons! (brings to mind another joke from Paul's joke book, about lakes in Minnesota). It took a little more time, but I did find Mae (May) and Fred! Here is a portion of their entries (click on the link for a blow-up):

You can search for more on - I have the full pages downloaded, but they are pretty big - I can print them out and bring them to the next family gathering.
Maria, if I were in Minneapolis I would come- in fact, I would take the bus to get there. Happy Birthday!

Ingrid (and her roomate Leanne is that right Ingrid?) was in town last night and I thought we weren't going to be able to hang out because I had a conflict- but the conflict fell through so we got together and showed Chicago how to party! Well, maybe not like that exactly. First we went to Giordano's pizzeria, which is the best Chicago pizza as far as I am concerned.

Then we got coffee and waited around for some live music and headed over to the Blue Chicago for some real Chicago blues.

Then we jumped on the redline (we needed the same train) and I headed back home and they went back to their hostel which Ingrid called, "spectacular!" She didn't stop raving about how wonderful it was and how nice their new roomates were. Ingrid took pictures so hopefully she'll post them.


Friday, March 21, 2003

Thanks everyone for your birthday wishes. So far my birthday has been good. I came into work this morning and there was a bouquet of spring flowers from my co-workers and then Pete came and brought me lunch along with a bouquet of carnations and a balloon. However, my brother Tom hasnt been very nice to me. He isnt coming to my birthday celebration just because he doesnt want to drive downtown to the restaurant that I want to go to. He also told me that my birthday is such a chore for him and that I am being selfish cause I want to go to a specific restaurant for my birthday. Like he should talk about being selfish!! Anyways, I just needed to vent about it. My other brother is sick, but that's something that he cant help. I am just sad that he wont be able to be there. So, I guess it's just going to be my parents, Pete and I. I am glad that they are able to come and I know that the four of us will have fun, it's just the thought of my brother not willing to sacrifice one evening for his only sister. At least I have two other brothers...Tom and Stevie. But I am trying not to let my brother bother me and ruin my day. Plus, all the sweet things that other people are doing for me are making up for it.

///// \\\\\
---------- || BIRTHDAY, MARIA!! ||
//// \\\\ | |
|| || | \ /////
| HAPPY FIRST DAY | |/ \-------------/
| OF SPRING | / ___
|| AND \| .'``.``.
\\\\ /X \ ___/ (o) `, `.
---------- \\ \ '-==`, ; `.
\\\ \ : `-.
\ / '; `.
\ /~~\ / .' `.
/'o | | ( `. `-.._
,' _/'| \ \` ` `. \ `-.._
//~, | .' `. ;`-.._ `-`._.-. `-._ `-._
// |`\ ,'~~\ | `..' `-.```. `-._ `-.._.'
/ / | ,' `.' `--..__..-`--' `-.,'
--- |\ /`| /'\ / `._)`/
| -+ |' `----\ | /' / /
| | | | | |/' /--(
| | `\ / ,.|/~'.......... ....-./,--'`-,,.
+---aaabb`~------' ,^--( """""bbbbbbaaaaaa.
MMaaaa ,--' `-, aaaaMM
M.' "MPPPPPbbbbbbaaaaaaa. ..aaaaabbbbbbbbPPPMP"" M
M. M MM MM"PPPPPbbbbbbbbPPMMP"" MM ; M
M.b Id ,aa, Iaa, daa, P ,Pada b d Paa, ,aa, b d M
M.b ,d d'`b I ;a d ;a b d daa, d daI, d b d d "a d'`b b d M
Mbbaad daab daa' daa' b d d a d d a d baad d a daab d M
M.b .d d b d d d daa; d daa' d b d d ,a d b d M
M.b. d d b d d d d a d d "a d b d daa' d b d M
Md.. . , , d daa' d d a M
Ma,..,.a. , , ,aM
`PMMMbbbbbaaMaaaaa;.., ..;aaaaaabbbbbMMMP'


Happy Birthday Maria! How does it feel to be 22 honey?

Thursday, March 20, 2003

Sorry to hear about your romantic bust-up, Tom. But now you are free to become the fourth Swedish Lutheran monk.

Norris and I are home from Chicago. My workshop presentation lasted until 5:30 on Wednesday and we were told not to try to leave the city at rush hour so we went out for a bit of dinner. However, we had to leave by 6:45 or we'd have to pay for another overpriced day of parking at the hotel, so eventually we took the plunge. Stayed overnight at a Super 8 in a cornfield in Wisconsin... quite a change from the Sheraton in downtown Chicago. Norris never felt well the entire trip, but every once and a while he'd croak out, "Spring break!"
Hi everybody!
You all remember in Paul's jokebook, the story about the Swedish maid who says to her employer, "You know that vase you were always afraid I would break? Your worries are over." Now Mark won't ever forget Maria's name, 'cause he's been there, done that.
Happy Birthday and Happy First Day of Spring, Maria! Have a great day on your birthday!
Cool pigs, Liv. Did you mean that you make them during driver's ed? Nancy
hey everyone- remember Jessica? well, she left me for another man. Okay, it's not that bad but we're not together now.
I just thought I'd let you all know. Don't worry, it's not that sad.
Hey bikers I started biking to work last week. I rode three times in February too. Its nice having daylight in the morning and evening. Tip for bikers- clean all the sand from the streets that accumulates on your bike after early spring rides and save yourself maintenance problems later on. Does anyone need a tune up , tire repair, etc. Let me know.

Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Hey what's-your-name-sister-in-law,

Don't worry, often times I am called Stephen and Peter before my dad gets to Tom. You are not alone.

Ste- uh, Pe- uh- Tom
Last night Pete and I went over to Nancy and Marks for a birthday dinner for Nancy. It was a great time and the food was delicious. Thanks Mark for making steak. We played several rounds of Yahtzee and I finally won a game!! Another highlight was when Mark forgot his daughter in laws name during our dinner prayer. How embarassing for both of us. It was such a shocker. All I have to say is that from now on he probably wont ever forget my name again.....hopefully. Cant wait to see you all on Sunday. Have a great day everyone!
Happy Birthday, Nancy and Maria!

Janelle and Matt

Tuesday, March 18, 2003

....Hmmm - I'm finally home and looking at our calendar for Sunday and I see we've got a conflict then. You might want to work around us - between school and Norris's work schedule, I don't know when we can make it.
In other news, I'm taking drivers ed. It is very boring. My friend Eliza and I make pigs out squishy erasers. Here is a pic:

Well, I guess we should be learning about why "safety belts" only work when you where them...
(Como rules, I think you can think about what that means for the Shakopee Sabers...)
Anything like Lutheran Monks? Postmodern Celtic Baptists

The first thing people do after entering the quiet sanctuary is pause at a table to light prayer candles for friends and loved ones, the tiny flames adding to the glow of nearby candle trees. ....
Happy Birthday MOM!!!!
Weather Milestone - I biked to work today for the first time in 2003!

," ".
_ .---. _ /# \
,' `. ,' `.." ". ,--.
|# `/ # (# ) / )
`. | ) (`.__/ /
`. \ ( )/'/ /
`.\ /) (( / /
`. .'( )y /
}_{\ `._.'( /
/ ) /'-`.-},-'
( ( ( (
) ) )
Happy Birthday Nancy!!!

(Tom,re your monk friends, didn't someone say something about "There is nothing from outside of the man, that going into him can defile him..."?)
I went and brought some flowers to my mom last night and she didnt look too good. No, she isnt in the hospital. Just at home. As far as birthday celebrations, neither Friday nor Saturday will work for us. But Sunday anytime would work. Let me know. Happy Birthday Nancy!!!! Hope you have a great day.

Monday, March 17, 2003

Happy St. Patrick's day to each and all!
I celebrated with corned beef and cabbage at a friend's house... also green jello, green juice and green cake.
Maria, sorry to hear about your mom. Let us know how she's doing. Is she hospitalized?
Friday or Saturday would be best for us, but Sunday early afternoon would be okay. Call me!
Stevie's History day project was chosen to go on to the district competition on Saturday, but I don't know what time he has to be there. His group did their project on the Cuban Missile Crisis. It sounds like you're having quite an adventure, Teresa, and a new claim to fame to add to your list.
I have no school stories to tell... I'm on spring break! Fort Lauderdale, here I come! Nancy
Only a diet coke to celebrate St. Patrick's Day? I submit that a Guiness would have been more suitable- and Teresa (note the spelling), it would have made the conversation much less akward. (don't worry mom, I celebrated by going to class and doing my homework- and talking to you on the phone).

In defense of my earlier comments on coffee and to make clear how I personally feel about coffee, let me say that I just finished my third or fourth cup (who keeps track?) of this wonderful brazilian coffee that I purchased at the local fruit ranch. It is not that coffee is not "holy", it's just that for monks, it would seem that mystical visions of God would be enough and that caffiene and nicotine wouldn't be necessary stimulants. Although, vigils did start at 5:10 a.m. I should also mention that Father David always slept through vigils and lauds- always.

that's all for now, Tom.
Sorry to hear about your mom, Maria. Norris and I are in Chicago at the National Immunization Conference. We are having some interesting experiences. I was supposed to meet with a world famous virologist today with Deborah (the IAC boss) as she wanted to introduce me to him. I got an emergency cell phone message saying that Deborah's flight had been cancelled and I had to meet Stanley Plotkin at the bar by myself. The worst part was I only had a picture of him from the program (as he was the evening's special guest lecturer) and I couldn't find anyone who looked like that. Turns out the picture was 20 years old, but I did approach the right person and ended up having to make conversation with him for half an hour. It was pretty awkward; but now I can say that the man who developed the rubella vaccine bought me a Diet Coke!

Well, I just found out today that my mom has pnuemonia. Please pray for her. I am worried that she may have the deadly strain that was found in Canada. I guess several people have died from it and she said that her symptoms are similar. Also, I was wondering what the plan is for getting together for Nancy's birthday and mine. I know that workdays dont work too well since I get off work so late and both Friday and Saturday I am going to be busy doing things with friends and family. I was thinking that possibly this coming Sunday might work. Let me know what you all think.

Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone!!!!!!!
__ \ / __
( ` \.'.' ) Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
(__.', \ .__)
/ \`===,

--- --..,_ _,.--.
--- `'.'. .'`__ o `;__.
--- '.'. .'.'` '---'` `
--- '.`'--....--'`.'

Tom - I won't defend the smoking, but... *coffee* not holy?
My Monastery Experience- by Tom Anderson

well, the monastery was interesting. One of the first things I noticed was a book entitled "Swedish Yokes" on the coffee table. Some of you may have read it- edited by Paul F. Anderson. Yes, it's true. Also, there was a total of three monks at the monastery and since it is the only Lutheran monastery in the country, that means that there are three Lutheran monks in the U.S. They had a swedish connection and I drank coffee out of a 101% Swedish mug that they had.

They monks weren't so holy either. Two of the three smoked and drank coffee all day (between services). It was a great experience though and I did a lot of reading and praying. Here was our daily schedule:

5:10 (am) Vigils
6 Lauds
8:15 Terce
8:30 Eucharist
12:00 Sext
2:30 None
6 Vespers
8:30 Compline

The services were basically a liturgy that was chanted or sung. Alot of it was based on the psalms.
All around it was a good week and allowed me to not do school work for a week. So, now it's back to the daily grind.
that's all for now-
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Well, it seems like it's been awhile since anyone's posted. Well, I thought that I'd write. Part of my JROTC battalion is in Virginia at the moment, so I'm quite alone. It's sort of nice just "chillin."
I like your picture Peter, but I agree that you don't have your normal grin on, and that might be the problem.
Hasta luego, familia mia,