Saturday, April 24, 2004


That's a great photo of Italy... very evocative. Now I really want to go there.

I just got my digital camera birthday present. Here is my first picture:

Friday, April 23, 2004

Lynda in Italy

Here's Lynda in Italy, sitting on an Italian swing looking over an Italian valley...
Maria and I just got our new computer from UPS today! Our old computer died on us, so we bought a new one direct from dell. Once i get it set up, along with out wireless network, we'll be on here a bit more again posting and reading on the Anderblog..

Anyone need any spare parts for their computers? Some of the things I have that i'd be willing to sell cheap include a router, a case with a maybe working power supply, and maybe a sound card. If anyone is interested shoot me an email.

have a great friday!

oh man

it is like ten after 8 here on friday morning. I have a paper due in CIS lit today. that is the only reason I am up now. I worked on it for a couple of hours last night before going to bed, but because of tennis etc, i was too tired to finish. Oh yeah, I still have some math hw to do.

so there was this class that I signed up for at south or applied for I should say. maybe some of you will remember me talking about it. well, I complained my way in. I am going today to my councilor to get my classes changed for next year so that I will be in that class. yippeee.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

European Vacations

Hi, Lynda! How was Italy? Do you have pictures?

Guess what? My brother Terrell and his girlfriend Jen are going to Sweden. Terrell's friend married a Swedish woman and moved there, so Terrell and Jen are going to go visit them. Also, they are godparents of the friend's child.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Sunday, April 18, 2004

banana umbrella

norris, liv and I all went to the twins game today. it was a lot of fun. the twins won 8-3. norris had a diamond view ticket fom rich. then we used other tickets to sneek down. it was tight. then we went to the convention grill which norris repeatedly referred to as a diner. the food was great, but not quite as good as the conversation! peace.


Liv and I attended mass this morning at St. Peter Claver Catholic Church as part of the final project for her U of MN World Music class (Joel was a lector at Corpus Christi so couldn't attend with us... in fact, as we took the car, he had to bike to church). We had a very interesting two hours. I was afraid we would be the only white people there, but the congregation was about 60% black/40% white. The pastor was a 50ish white man with an Irish name who led the congregation in its gospel singing, called out lines, and exhorting us to sing, "Now, one step higher! Now one step higher and louder!" He also spent a lot of time mentioning all the sick and dead by name and relation (such as "great-auntie") to parishioners, including those in Africa. It was jam-packed and hot and some women actually had fans from a funeral parlor. During the passing of the peace, everyone left their seats and greeted everyone in the whole church. Anyway, it was cool, but you can see why it took two hours.