Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Hi from D.C.

Greetings from our nation's capital. I'm attending the National Immunization Conference and my mommy and daddy are running around town getting into trouble. They greatly enjoyed visiting the Basilica (largest Catholic church in the U.S.) and the just-opened "Faces of the Fallen" at Arlington Cemetery--a rendering of all the faces of men and women who have died in Iraq (by different artists).

Tomorrow our boss is giving a plenary talk (to the big group of about 1,500) and I'm giving a workshop presentation (to about 50-100 people). Then, off to the airport to race home for the Holy Thursday service!

I'll see most of you on Easter. John and Lynda, I'll see you in Decatur in a week... I think I saw some monkey grass today.

Monday, March 21, 2005

March 21st Birthday Wishes

Happy Birthday, Maria!
How do you catch a cloud and pin it down?
Love, Nancy

QoSlIl yItIv!

Happy Birthday, Maria!

,-( o )-.
( o )-( o )
( o )--*--( o )
( o )-( o )
`-( o )-' _(
`-' __ |
| .'`
|/ |`
__ | `|
| __
__ |

Happy Birthday Maria!

Happy 24th Birthday Maria! I love you.. and a happy first day of spring to everyone else!