Saturday, March 20, 2004


| |_ __ _ _ __ _ __ _ _
| ' \/ _` | '_ \ '_ \ || |
|_||_\__,_| .__/ .__/\_, |
`'. |_| |_| |__/
.`' ` * . _ _ _ _ _
: * *| :| |__(_)_ _| |_| |_ __| |__ _ _ _
' | || ' | '_ \ | '_| _| ' \/ _` / _` | || |_
`|~'||' |_.__/_|_| \__|_||_\__,_\__,_|\_, ( )
v~v~v~v |__/|/
!@!@!@! __--__---- _ _
_!_!_!_!_ | \/ |__ _ _ _(_)__ _| |
| || ||| |\/| /-_` | '_| / _` |_|
,', | || ||||_| |_\__,_|_| |_\__,_(_)
| | ______}{{{{}}}{{{____
----| (===[[[========]]]====) -- -
__//__]| (===[[[========]]]====)
| ___ ||'(===[[[========]]]====) --------
[/.-.\= |-|-.-.-----------.-.---|
'-' '-' '-'

Happy Birthday Maria and Nancy!

We had a wonderful time over at mom and dad's house tonight.. Happy Birthday to the Birthday girls.. maybe next year you'll be able to share your cake better :)

Back from Las Vegas

Maria and I had a wonderful time in Sunny Las Vegas, Nevada last week. We left Minneapolis - 20 degrees and windy and landed in Las Vegas 80 degrees and sunny. What a difference a 3 hour flight can make!

While we were there we had the chance to enjoy all sorts of activities. One of them was watching the fountains at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino (see the picture below). The fountains would go off every 15 minutes, and the water would shoot into the sky in choreographed movements with the music.. It was one of the most beautiful things we've ever seen. The picture you're looking at was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower Replica that they have at Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino

Some of the other things we did while we were there include going to a show done by the Cirque du Soleil (Mystere), visiting the various casinos, going to the red rock canyon, going to see Sigfried and Roy's Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat, visiting the Hoover Dam, and much much more.

To view some more pictures from the trip go to:


Friday, March 19, 2004

greetings from the confines of south high school

hello. this is the youngest anderson male, stevie. I am writing to all of you from within the thick walls of south high. it is approximately 2:25 p.m. on friday the 19th of May, 2004. today, I do not have a sixth hour. therefore, I have come to the media center to post some good stuff for all of you to read. I am not supposed to be in here right now. I an unlocked door to sneak in. it is usually locked, but for the past few days it has been unlocked, so I have used it to sneak in hear a couple of times. yesterday I had a debate about stem cell research in my philosophy class. I did really well(I wish I could say the same for my other team members...). anyways, I found it to be an interesting topic. in the debate I was pro stem cell research, but I still have not decided on a position for myself in real life. I am leaning towards pro stem cell research at the moment, but this may be due in part to my spectacular performance arguing for it. I was just wondering what other people thought about it. if anyone is interested or whatever, you could just send me an email about it, sort of like tom's presidential election thingy. my email is peace.

Thursday, March 18, 2004

The Real St Patrick

I found this interesting post about the real St Patrick behind St Patrick's day. It is a real "Indiana Jones" story as the author puts it.

St Patrick
Happy Birthday Mom!! What, are you 35 now?

Love, Peter

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Nancy, Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Hope you have a wonderful day Nancy. I am really looking forward to our birthday get together on Saturday. Sorry to hear that Janelle wont be there. We will miss you and thanks for the birthday wish.

Hopefully I'll see the rest of you on Saturday!

Happy Birthday, Nancy and Maria

Happy Birthday! I'm sorry I won't be at the party on Saturday. I'm going to a women's retreat.

Happy Birthday and God bless you.

Janelle and Matt
Happy Birthday Nancy! From the farthest corners of the Solar system!

Here you can see them towing the banner past Sedna, the newest planet in the System!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

happy saint patty's day to all

well gee golly, I didnt think that I would be the only one to post greetings on this holiest of holy days. I am especially surprised, since our family has been so overrun by catholicism. just kidding. I think it is wonderful that we are becoming so diverse! norris and I always trade religous jokes about the free church vs. the catholic church. its all in good fun. well I gotta get goin. peace.

Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Working for the UN

Hi all:

I've been corresponding with my friends at WHO about doing more work for them. Except for my June travel expenses, I have not been reimbursed for anything I've done yet, however (about $1,500). I have submitted two invoices under my APW ("Agreement for Payment of Work") contract, but have yet to get a check. Supposedly, the system is just very slow. SO, my friend Philippe asked if I'd like to go under a WAE ("When Actually Employed") contract. I said "sure," only to be engaged in many more vexations. After providing them with a CV, they requested detailed documentation on my qualifications as a website evaluation expert (which was hard, as I have none--they are the ones who made me one!) Then today I received an email with an attached "Medical Clearance Certificate" which requires me to undergo a complete "United Nations medical examination" (complete with chest x-rays, checks for "troubles nerveus ou mentaux," "sang dans les selles," and examination of "organes genitaux.") This is to verify that I could withstand possible work under "difficult field conditions in areas having many health risks."

I think I am going to offer to work pro bono.

Sunday, March 14, 2004


liv, thats cool. I do know parker von sternberg. he is a pretty cool kid, only a freshman though. I am pretty famous for that tennis ball incident because our coach had banned tennis balls. it was super cool. I do know john, pretty well actually. yeah, well I guess I am gonna go sleep or something. peace.