Saturday, March 13, 2004

speechy keen

Today was a "small team" speech meet. It was in Brooklyn Center. It was fun. I won first place in my category (extemporaneous Speaking). I also met some folks from Mpls. South. I said "Hey, do you know Stevie Anderson?" and one of them said "Yeah! At our cross-country banquet he barraged our coach with a bag of tennis balls." and I said "That's him." It was pretty cool. Stevie, do you know a guy named Parker? He has blonde hair and wears glasses and a corduroy suit. He is also cool. I will email you a story about him. Do you know his friend John either?
Well, that's my ramble.

Friday, March 12, 2004


yo I'm at school. I dont have a sixth hour on fridays, so here i am in the media center. it is really boring. last night I stayed up until 2.00 am and then got up at 7:15 am, all for the sake of hw. boy oh boy it was harsh. but hey it all turned out ok. tonight I am goin to a party at some tennis girl's house from apple valley. it is gonna be pretty silly though. I am gonna act like a thug from minneapolis, but I guess that wont take much acting will it? well I gotta run. hobos are chasin me. peace.

Nice weather

Andersons in Georgia! Andersons in Georgia! (via Ingrid)

Sigh. I miss those early March outdoor breakfasts...

What's up with all the blank posts, guys?

Thursday, March 11, 2004

yo whats up. I am trying desperately to procrastinate as long as possible before I have to write this paper and journal thing for school thats due tomorrow. this class is hard. pretty much every single person gets basically straight A's but not here. lots of people, including myself, are getting B's and C's on lots of the assignments, but just because he grades so hard. I am actually hoping to get a B on this assignment. what a world. oh yeah, there was this thing in spanish. we were supposed to make up some presentation in the language of spanish, you know. so anyways mine was actually coming along great, and then my teacher lost all of my work that I handed in to her, so basically I have to start over from scratch. it is actually kind of a blessing in disguise, because now I dont have to present tomorrow, and I can concentrate my efforts on this english paper. oops, I forgot about that. see ya later. peace.

Tuesday, March 09, 2004


well, I had a fun day at tennis. I worked out for a while afterwards. I ran probably 2 1/2 miles. it was quite a journey. I hope norris hasnt given up on me as a workout buddy. I think he must be mad about when I forgot my swimming suit and he didnt get to use his 55 cent towel. norris, if youre out there, I'm sorry. well I have to go. duty calls! peace.

Sunday, March 07, 2004

Thanks to all that have responded to my political inquiries. If you are interested in results please e-mail me at

Viva Las Vegas!

Well, we're off to Vegas this afternoon for a week of sun and fun in the city of neon!

In case anyone needs to get a hold of us we're at the Polo Towers on the strip, phone number: (800) 692-8555. Have a great week everyone!