Saturday, July 08, 2006


To help me get ready for my upcoming hernia repair surgery on July 14, Stevie and I went on a 57 mile bike ride today to Excelsior and Carver Park near Victoria. My surgery will be outpatient friday morning and will be followed by a six week recovery period of limited physical activity. In addition to logging the miles we went for a refreshing swim in Lake Minnetonka at Excelsior. What a great day and what a great ride.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Koko and Mama, together again

Well, today I circumvented my two-month review by quitting instead. The boss agreed the work was slow and boring, so she wasn't totally surprised that I wasn't challenged. Because I was still a probationary employee, she said there was no reason for me to hang around two weeks, so I cleaned things up and walked out in an hour (only forgetting two pieces of art). I was quite a sight on the bus with all my photographs, boxes of treats, backpack, lunch bag, and little pink pillow. Fortunately, Deborah has been kind enough to find me some work to do back at IAC. I would feel sillier except for a headline yesterday about Jose Canseco asking the San Diego Surf Dawgs to trade him after one game in which he struck out three times!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Only 3-4 more weeks!

Kitchen panorama, originally uploaded by onebigswede.

Our cabinets and flooring were installed in the kitchen this week, and we're nearing completion and move-in at the new house! Only a few more weeks and we'll be moving in!