Saturday, April 10, 2004

oncourt offcourt

norris and I worked out on good friday. it was fun. we went to the club, ran a mile and lifted weights and stuff. then we went to lake calhound and ran around it to lake of the isles. then we went over to cedar lake and back to calhoun. it was fun and we ran about 5 miles, 6 total. we are getting in pretty good shape. maybe we will represent sweden in the upcoming olympics... peace.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Good week

What a lot of nice postings on the blog recently!

I just got an early 50th birthday present from Health Partners--a message to make a colonoscopy appointment.

yo yo yo

Well, I guess I should post something here every now and then.
I liked NYC a lot. A lot. I also liked Barnard to the same degree. Speaking of college I got my SAT scores (2nd time) back today and I got a 670 on both sections. Good balance I believe. Not like this will decide my future forever, but I just thought I'd put it down.
I'm in the play at my school and rehearsal is "killer." You tennis people think you have it hard, try this for once. We are doing The Canterbury Tales in modern English. It will be very cool. I am the Wife of Bath.
Well, that's all for now. Holla back.
Hey to everyone on the stevieblog. Thanks to Ingrid for posting the picture of 251 Wilton Dr. w/blooming azaleas. Y'all come see us, it's nice down here. Lynda's is in Italy on trip organized with recorder playing friends and is having a good time. The Andersons south are planning our own trip to NYC in May when Mae graduates from the Columbia J-school. Happy Easter to everyone...


Wednesday, April 07, 2004

twins win

youre right mom, it was quite a game. you did fail to inform the family that I attended the game. thats right, I was there for all 15 innings. twins won 7-6. I dont really wanna talk about it right now, I am too tired. and I have to go to lunch. peace.

How about those Twins

While listening to the Twins game on WCCO I got all the dishes washed that the guys used while Mark & I were gone to Illinois!! When we were in Illinois we finished a new bathroom on my parents' first floor (painting, not plumbing or electrical work) and Mark did great work for my sister... putting together cabinets and putting up curtain rods.
We were happy to see that her mailbox is still standing, which Mark put up in the dark of night. It indeed looks like a beautiful spring in Georgia! Good night, All... Nancy

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Springtime in Georgia

Bet New York isn't as pretty as Georgia, and that y'all are all cold up there in MN...

This photo courtesy of Dad aka John.

Monday, April 05, 2004

Just Flew Back From NYC....

(yeah, and are my arms tired...)

Good trip to NYC, but even better to be home. Looks like we missed the good weather here, and that the week ahead in Minnesota will give us the same cold spring weather we had out east. It was interesting seeing Ground Zero how... underwhelming it seemed - like just another big construction site. A block away we found more striking the exhibit at St. Paul's chapel:
Out of the Dust, all about the part their chapel played in the days after 9/11.

Also interesing was the tribute at the New-York Historical Society, by Christopher Evans, a spherical painting of the view from the south tower:

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Back to St. Paul

We're glad you're keeping us so informed of everything going on in your (and Norris's) life, Stevie. Yes, we were in NYC and had no Internet access (except through Joel's Palm Pilot which doesn't lend itself to long blog entries). Of course, Liv loved Barnard/Columbia and had a lot of fun hanging out with Emily L., including attending three classes. Joel and I stayed at the Excelsior Hotel which turned out to be beautiful with a great location (I had booked it through Expedia and they had changed the hotel three times so we weren't too confident). We overlooked a park surrounding the American Museum of Natural History and at the other end of the block was Central Park. There was a dog run right across from us and so we saw many New Yorkers and their dogs--one set in matching raincoats and hats! Joel and I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art TWICE and saw "Madame Butterfly" at Lincoln Center. Liv, Emily, and we all met Mae for lunch on Saturday in the Columbia area. And we talked to Terrell on the phone twice, even though he couldn't get us into BMG for free.

It's good to be home.