Thursday, November 17, 2005

Joining the Blogosphere

Hi Family,

I've joined the ranks of my cousins and uncles and started a blog--great procrastination potential for those last few thesis writing months...Looking forward to seeing everyone in December!

Click on the link: Wilton Drive

Its been great to hear how Steve and Liv are doing in college, and to hear about the Madrid trip. Post lots of photos!


PETE's UPDATE: just an editorial note - Wilton Drive Blog now added to the links on the right. :)

Atmosphere Finally Made a Good Record

So, last night I went to an amazing concert. It was literally hip-hop heaven. It was the last show on the Atmosphere tour. My friends and I waited outside of First Ave. for an hour and fifteen minutes to make sure that we would get the best spots. We had tickets but we were willing to wait in the blistering cold so that we could get super close. We did get in close! Heck yes! (Because "heck" is what rappers say) I was standing in the second row and half of us were in the first row up agains the rail.
The concert started with P.O.S. who a-frickin-mazing. He was so good and kept giving shout outs to his mom who was standing in VIP stage right. He kept making us wave at her, it was fun. He was amazing and I plan to purchase his albums.
Next up was Blueprint who was super cool too. I'll just leave it at that, he was super cool.
Last, but not least, was Atmosphere. Slug rocked the set with a live band. At first there was a fellow dressed up in like 40s hipster wear, like a fedora/jacket, etc, behind the bar (which lit up saying "Pour Me Another," like the new Atmosphere song off the new album). This turned out to be Cresent Moon, who served drinks to the live band and Ant (the DJ, who eventually came out and rocked out with Slug). Then Cresent Moon layed down some rhymes with Slug and then----BOOM! Brother Ali came out. Brother Ali solely joined them for this one show. The one show that I was at. WOO!
Atmosphere was a little much, so much liquor, etc., but it was still great. And Cresent Moon gave us the ping-pong balls that dropped on the drummer and Slug gave my friend Kate Cresent Moon's tambourine, so that was awes. P.O.S. and Blueprint were surprisingly good and really made my day. And, P.S., Cresent Moon is good looking.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


Here is a pic of the Internet Cafe. Everything else in Madrid was beautiful.