Friday, February 11, 2005

Cold Copenhagen

Sitting at the train station, using up our minutes, even though we discovered a free computer in the "business center" of our hotel (a lobby a few feet from our room, with artwork and one PC). We had a few minutes of sun today, but it's still quite blustery walking. We took the train up north a bit to "Louisiana," the modern art museum that Gustaf took Norris to six years ago. Tomorrow we will hop on the train going south and venture into Sweden to meet the relatives.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

"Know it? Why, I was a boy here!"

Not quite - but a day rambling around Copenhagen made me feel like Scrooge when he said that, since I was here working for 6 weeks 20 years ago. Teresa and I spent yesterday walking around Copenhagen streets. It was weirdly familiar - I couldn't tell you how to find things here, but.... walking around I'd think "there should be a bookstore here..." and there would be! (Or a Burger King, or a church.... whatever - my memory of twenty years was remarkably accurate).''

Today Teresa is at her WHO meeting (we walked around Hellerup last night, locating her meeting place and then eating at a Pizza joint). Lots of bicycle traffic in town and in our more suburban location, even today when it was a bit rainy.

I'm in Copenhagen today, with plans to wander around some more to see the sites - not just sit in the train station on the internet.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Happy 40th!

Smile for the camera Matt - being 40 ain't so bad!