Friday, May 09, 2003

Congrats to the grads Tom (and Norris, too, of course)!


,' .----. _________
`. ,' ) (@)__))___)
|`-.-'| # \\
`---' ^

Here's another dive, that Norris did

.-------. |

Congratulations Tom, today was my last day of college too and I am graduating May 18th. Who wants to throw me a party? Not my mom. Look at one of my magnificent dives from my diving class. Click on the link to see the video. 10.0!

Diving In!
In honor of the Wild Victory last night I created another collage from my night at game 6 of the playoff series... Go wild!

Bright Blue Sun: The 800x600 Project
Congratulations Tom on your graduation from college. Of course now you'll have to enter the real world.. is this how that makes you feel?:

Or maybe you'll just drift to Cuba, Mexico, Europe and any other destination your heart takes you now?

We had a graduation card for you and were going to send it with mom and dad, but we didn't see them before they left.. So when you get back, we have a graduation card waiting.. Again, congratulations, and good job. Have fun in Cuba!

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Hi Everybody! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SON! How well I remember this day, 27 years ago!
.... the day before Mother's Day!
We leave in a few hours for Chicago... "tom" "morrow" we are going to Tom's graduation.
Tom is talking about college and Peter making collages. It reminded me of the kids' class at the Ashram many years ago. When I got back the folder of art activities Stevie had done in his class, there was a page marked "collage". Instead of making his picture collage he had printed, "I don't go to collage."
Isn't that sweet!! Have a great weekend, everybody. Nancy
yo Pete happy birthday!!

tommorrow is my last day of college. can you believe it?
Happy Birthday Honey!!! Kiss Kiss Kiss
Happy Birthday Peter!!


| |
| |
____/_____|___ \___
O _ - | _ ,*
_.--"""""..--(---""""(""""-)---.. """".---.
'-.__ `"--......_________.....--"` ( \_
"""":---.._______________..---:"" ``"""-.`'-._
'--.._______________..--' `'-._`'-._

Wow! Very nice collage, Peter! I really dig it!

Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Here's an interesting site that I just joined - the 800x600 project. Basically you have to send in a photo collage of 64 photos 800x600 pixels in size. The collage must have a theme of some sort. My theme was "landfill". Check it out!

Bright Blue Sun: The 800x600 Project: Main

Monday, May 05, 2003

Hey everybody,
It was great to see everyone over the weekend. Thanks to everyone for the hospitality, to see Matt and Janelle's house, and even get in a little bike riding. We managed go out to the Riverside Coffee shop with Paul before heading to the AP around 1 on Sunday, and made it home eventually by 8:30. Have a great week everyone, and y'all come down and see us, y'hear...

John and Lynda
El Maravilloso Traje De Nieve!

Last night we (Teresa, Norris, Liv and I) went to the Mixed Blood Theatre's excellent production of The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit. It is a great show - the story of six friends who, one summer night in the barrio, chip in and buy a "wonderful Ice Cream suit" to share. The play follows all six on that night as they each get 1/2 hour to wear the suit. Mixed Blood has translated Ray Bradbury's play into Spanish and alternates performances between the English and Spanish versions - there are three performances left, Thursday, Friday and Saturday (English, Spanish, and English, respectively).

Sunday, May 04, 2003

Thanks, everybody! Thank you for the food, Nancy, Lynda, Teresa, and all. It was great to see you, John and Lynda! Come back soon! Teresa, we missed you! Hope you feel better. Finally, happy birthday again to Teresa and Peter!

It was great to see you all!
Janelle and Matt
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. Sorry I missed the party. I blame the Speedy Market's customer appreciation complimentary undercooked hot dogs. Well, they say there's no such thing as a free lunch.

My dad is having cataract surgery tomorrow. He had a routine EKG as part of his pre-op physical last week and the doctor said she thought he'd had a heart attack since his last EKG. You know how my mom keeps my dad hopping, so I guess he didn't have time to be sick! My mom had a bad case of vertigo a while back which caused her to fall off her chair and lay on the ground for an hour, so they're both going to have some further tests next week.

Finally, for those of you who know my cousin Neal, he and Sherry are finally fulfilling their ambition of moving out of Rosholt, SD! Neal is the new administrator of the veteran's home in Lisbon, North Dakota, the only one in the state. It's a big step up for him and although Lisbon doesn't seem like a metropolis to us (pop. 2,000), it's 5 times the size of Rosholt. For the first year, they can live in a 3-story brick house that's on the national historical register. Now their only problem is selling their house in a very limited market--Neal suggested that maybe the Andersons would like to buy it for a retreat center!
Thanks for the photos, I feel like I was there! Ingrid and I moved all my stuff yesterday (with the help of movers). Now I've dragged her to Columbia so I can get some work done (but instead I'm posting). All of my stuff is still in boxes but its nice to be in the new nabe. Pictures to follow!

We had a good time tonight just hanging out with the family, talking, laughing and enjoying the nice weather in Matt and Janelle's backyard. It was good to see John and Lynda too, its been so long!

Here are a couple of photos of us eating outside in their backyard (sorry stevie and matt, you got cut out.)