Friday, January 13, 2006

Swan City

Last Sunday Maria and I drove out to Monticello, MN to see the 900+ trumpeter swans that winter there. Apparently the water there doesn't freeze in the winter, because of a nearby nuclear plant. This makes the spot ideal for the birds to stay there during the cold months. We had a good time watching the birds, taking pictures and listening to their constant trumpeting. See more pictures here

Monday, January 09, 2006

well thanks to everyone who came to my birthday party today. we were few, but we had a lot of fun eating pizza and cake, and playing beyond balderdash. today a couple of you asked me what classes I was going to be taking this next semester, and I answered honestly saying that I didnt really know. I am up so late right now because I have been busy registering for classes(and working on the puzzle of course). so here is the update: I am currently registered for Philosophy of Art, Christian Ethics and African American History from 1865. that is 12 credits right there, and I am planning on registering for some math class to fill out the rest of my schedule. last semester I took Dialogue I(north park's required freshman english class), intro to the bible, intro to the computer, physics of light and studies in literature. I "earned" a 3.55 gpa, and while I dont necessarily think that that is too bad, I am hoping to do a little better next semester. north park really isn the most rigorous school in the country, it's actually a lot like high school. well thats all for now from this 19 year old anderson. amen

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Happy Birthday, Stevie!

_____|~~\_____ _____________
_-~ \ | \
_- | ) \ |__/ \ \
_- ) | | | \ \
_- | ) / |--| | |
__-_______________ /__/_______| |_________
( |---- | |
`---------------'--\\\\ .`--'

(I looked for an ascii-art picture that reminded me of Stevie...

Well, except for the hair... )