Thursday, October 02, 2003

Highly recommended:

It's right on the lake within Cascade State Park and about 10 miles south of Grand Marais. Very nice and reasonable too (some of the places within Grand Marais itself are very expensive). Every unit is different.
Quick question for those of you who went up to the north shore recently. Where did you stay, and would you recommend staying there? How much was it?

Maria and I are planning on going to the North Shore/Lutsen next weekend, and would like some ideas of where to stay that aren't too expensive.

Braves VS. Twins?

I hope so! I'd love to see another 7 game victory by the twins.. :) And I bet we won't even need help from some off-balance Brave base-runners this time..
Cheating? If certain Braves are too weak to stay on a base, maybe they should develop some muscle.

Joel and I are driving back and forth to St. Francis for the "Sound of Music" pit orchestra six nights this week. We both have colds and would rather not be staying up 'til midnight, but we should have thought of that before we joined up.
Swedes...May he live 100 years, or maybe it just seems like it...

How is everyone doing? Are any of you all stoked about the Major League playoffs, and the possibility of a repeat of 91? No cheating this time!...


Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Monday, September 29, 2003

Eight thumbs up for "Urinetown"

Last night we saw the touring production of "Urinetown" and all thought it was very good, although hard to describe. Paul asks if it's the same thing as "Georgetown" (think about it).

Thanks for hosting the communal birthday party, Matt and Janelle. Peter forgot to mention that Paul taught us how to sing the Swedish 'happy birthday' song--much livelier than the English-language one.

Sunday, September 28, 2003

Rocket Swedes

Livvi'i:Aren't the Swedes a little slow on the uptake with the whole lunar mission thing?

Hardly! They're displaying elegance, cleverly building an efficient rocket. They piggybacked off of a rocket launching a bunch of satellites (thrifty Swedes!). Ion engines like this (also used by NASA in Deep Space One) are very cool (if you like this kind of thing). Getting to Mars with one would be slower, for example, but it would only need .8 kilograms of fuel for every kilogram going to Mars (instead of 3.5 Kilos for ever Kilo being sent with a chemical rocket).

Cool pic (pics) Peter!
Happy September Birthdays!

We all had a great time over at Matt and Janelle's house for the September Birthdays. We had pizza, cake and played Trivial Pursuit till late. The game ended up with two teams tied..

Happy birthday Paul, Janelle and Tom!

Liv's Update

Aren't the Swedes a little slow on the uptake with the whole lunar mission thing?
Just got back from a retreat today where I was a teen mentor for the confirmation students. It was a lot of fun. Sorry I couldn't be at the b-day party, I heard it was off the heezy.
Swedes in Space!

The first European Lunar mission - built in SWEDEN - is under way!

Of course it's a smart one! that is, the ship name is SMART-1.