Friday, March 05, 2004

tennis woes

yo, what up. I went and played at the tennis tournament at flagship athletic club. I lost to nick hansen and it was pretty awful. I dont really wanna type about it right now, ok. so anyways I was lookin around, and man, the facilities are much nicer there than at northwest. it makes northwest look like a minneapolis park building. lots of free towels. anyways, I am pretty sleepy, so good night.

Thursday, March 04, 2004

Loch Ness.... Shakopee..... What next?

Yes, thanks to photography, we're now able to learn about and see evidence of things we might never encounter in real life! Not only do we know the Loch Ness monster exists, but now those of us in far off places (like St. Paul) know that there really IS an Anderson household in Shakopee!

Game Night in Shakopee

It was game night last night at the Anderson's in Shakopee - here we are after playing catch phrase - did stevie fall asleep?:

I think mom (Nancy) won almost every game we played..

p.s. tom's email is brokendownheroes @ - right tom?

Wednesday, March 03, 2004


Hello! Tom, to e-mail you, wouldn't it be really cool if we knew your e-mail? And don't you obviously know I'm a Nader supporter. (Just kidding) But on a real political news watch, yesterday I attended my "ultra-liberal" caucus. It was super fun. Oh, did I mention about getting elected as Associate Precinct Chair? Well, I am. I like to say this is step 3 towards being president. (Step one: being born in the United States, Step two: Getting out of bed)
Today I may get my "written critique" back from my music audition. I am expecting it to say "Why did you even waste my time. Love, Sister Rose."

Tuesday, March 02, 2004


Hey Family,

Hello Gustaf- Your swedish influenced english is better than 86 % of the American Andersons. Also, I thought it was quite nice that you have found us on the internet and posted with us. Just as a note of warning- don't ever take anything my little brother posts as serious or in any way important. And Liv (whose ultra-liberal politics come out more on her blog, since it may or may not be censored here) is just going through a phase- whatever that means. I'm just kidding, of course you know that. The new game I propose is this: help Tom decide who to vote for for President. You can e-mail him privately because we like to keep politics off the blog. I'll report back anonymously what the tally counts is: Like (3 votes for Bush, 4 for Kerry and 12 for Andre the Giant).

Whaddaya say?

Gustaf- whose Sweden rooting for? Never mind.


Monday, March 01, 2004

la familia de naranjas...

so I went to school today. it was pretty boring. in my third hour class there is this kid who is really weird. we were in groups today discussing a chapter in this book that we read. he was reading part of it out loud to his fellow group members and he kept saying aquanus instead of aquinas. I corrected him, but he just continued saying it incorrectly.
I went to tennis and this guy gave me a tennis racket just like my other three. it may not sound like a big deal, but it is a 120 dollar racket. thanks bilbo. his name isnt bilbo, but I suspected that some of my readers may have become bored with my trivialities by this point. peace.

Remembering Betty Anderson

February 28 Nancy and I attended a memorial service for Betty Anderson sister of my late mother in law Roberta Worrell. The event was held at the St Anthony Park Nursing Home where Betty resided until her death about two weeks ago at age 91 years . Her daughter Karen Anderson Singh had called us and invited us to the service. Betty played cello and was a member of the Minnesota Orchestra 1952-1979. Apparently she was one of the first female musicians to join a major symphony orchestra. Karen and several friends shared memories of Betty and a young woman played seveal musical selections on the cello. Karen, formerly a violist with the Milwaukee Symphony, is living at the Augustana Apartments in Minneapolis.

Just a note

My mom was right. I think I messed up because I was waiting outside the room with my brother, while everyone else was there with their parents who were yelling at them. The group before me was all piano, so you could hear it through the walls and the parents kept making comments like "Oh, no. She's going too fast, don't we always tell her to slow down?" [sigh]. But whatever, I met Sr. Rose.

Sunday, February 29, 2004


I just wanted to mention (as Norris never would) that he was named "2003 Team Player of the Year" for the Rosedale Marshall Field's store.

And our little Livvi'i was invited to audition for her music school's honors concert. She said she messed up, though. Probably because her parents weren't even available to drive her to the audtion, being too busy playing up in Osseo!