Friday, February 27, 2004

yo what up.

so I made a decision about next year. today I signed up for another college in the schools class. it should be pretty good. there is still a chance that I could get into the Humphrey VOICES class that I was talking about before. well, whatever.

I went out to northwest of course today. I played tennis for a couple hours and then worked out. I didnt do much though, except eat a bag chili cheese fritos. then I played basketball for like an hour. well, I am pretty tired so I am going to go watch some tv. peace.

Wednesday, February 25, 2004

I'll pray for him Janelle.. Our thoughts are with him..
Hi, Everyone,

Please pray for my grandfather. He had a stroke, and is in the hospital. Thanks.


Tuesday, February 24, 2004

its all good

hey guys, I dont think I will take any college classes. there are some classes that I have to take at south that I havent taken yet. I still need to fulfill those specific credits, so I wouldnt be able to do full time at the U anyways. there is still a chance that I could get into Humphreys. if I dont, I will still have some pretty good options.

so norris went and worked out at northwest and everything. anyways, on the way there we were driving on blaisdale ave. in the southern direction towards lake street. as we were going past the supervalue/kmart parking lot a homeless man went running along, under, over, around and through the street. he was being chased by some unidentified persons. it appeared that the man being chased had stolen something but it was not clear what. I have a grip of homework to do tonight, so I better start drinking my coffee. nightie night. peace.
stevie---my mom has a smart idea. you should do pseo, like your brother, my brother and me. it's fun. yay! liv



Based on your current frustration and frequent boredom, why not consider applying for full-time PSEO classes next year? The application deadline for the U of MN is April 1 (

Auntie Teresa


so here I am at school. there was this class that I was hoping on taking next year, but I was not accepted. it was really dumb. I went and talked to the teacher of the class and he basically told me that they did a random drawing. since I talked to him and everything there is still a possibility that I could still get in to the class. today we had to register for classes for next year. I didnt really do it though. the lady told me to think about it for a a couple of days and come back to her. so, basically I am skipping the rest of my third hour. peace.

Monday, February 23, 2004

Meet Us in Osseo! Meet us at the Play!

Teresa and I are playing in the pit for the CrossPlayers production of "Meet Me in St. Louis." We had two performances this last week, and there are four more, 2/26,27,28 at 7 PM and Sunday 2/29 at 2. Click the logo below for details, plot summary and more info: