Friday, April 16, 2004

Peaceful Scene

I visited Grandpa's grave last night, it was so peaceful and serene out there (except for the occassional plane landing at the airport). It just reminded me of how much Grandpa is missed by all of us. I took some pictures of the area, and wanted to share one of them with you:

See more pix at Photographica.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Peters b-day celebration

Hi All,

Pete and I checked our calendar and the date that works best for us, Joel, Teresa, Mark and Nancy is Sunday May 23rd. May 22nd was also a possibility, but my brothers wedding is that day so it wont work out for us. A couple other possiblities were May 29th, or May 30th (Memorial weekend). However, I dont think Pete would like to wait that long to celebrate. But, if that date works better for people, then we would rather do that and have everyone there.

So if May 23rd does not work for anyone, please let me know. Otherwise, we will just tentatively plan on doing it that day.

Of course

Regarding my appreciation for the Atheist headstone, I'd either have to enlist or find someone to COPY the veteran headstone for me. The modification I had in mind was changing the "A" to a cross (of course people could assume the "A" was for Anderson).

Looking around on the website Peter provided, we were able to locate Betty's grave location, something we've wanted to find for a while. Knowing the right spelling of her last name (ROGNLIEN) was tricky, but it was also hard because her full name was Ethel Elizabeth Rognlien.


Okay, I will have a birthday party for myself on May 2. Perhaps we will fulfill my life's ambition and dance around a Maypole.

Peter, we don't remember you asking this question because we (and Matt and Janelle) know where the grave is, but your method is probably better anyway as it is hard to describe to anyone else. We are pretty good at finding Fred and Mae's and Ernest and Anna's graves, but once wandered for about an hour trying to find my grandparents'. When my parents were in Pensacola recently, they visited the national cemetery there and were surprised at the differences. There were many more religious symbols than we see at Fort Snelling and we had to look them up on the VA website to figure out what my mother was describing over the cell phone ( Joel really likes the atheist one, so is thinking about modifying it... Also, at the Pensacola cemetery, the markers for cremated individuals had space for a short blurb on the bottom. They saw "Gone fishin'" and "Big Momma."

Grandpa's Grave

I had asked a while ago if anyone knew how to find Grandpa's grave at Fort Snelling National Cemetary. No one really seemed to know so I tracked down a website that had information about the locations of the graves of veterans. For those who are interested, here is grandpa's grave location:

VETERAN SERVICE DATES: 12/28/1942 - 10/31/1945
DATE OF BIRTH: 03/25/1922
DATE OF DEATH: 10/27/1989

To find the graves of other veterans, you can go to:

Birthday celebrations!!

Hi Everyone,
I have an idea! We could celebrate Teresa's on May 2 and then have another party
Mid-May for Peter out in Shakopee. Then we could see each other twice in a month. A 50th birthday is, after all, pretty important! 28 is nothing to sneeze at either, of course. I'm already planning the candles... actually, it's somebody else's turn to think about that. As to dates, I think we are open (at this time, at least) on May 15, 16, 22, 23.
We'll be planning our small group schedule for May soon, so maybe we can decide and then we'll keep that date available for family. Thanks for a great Easter, J. & T. The pictures were great and thanks all who brought yummy food. It was great to see you Jerry and Russ. Love, Nancy

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

sweet victory

what up thugs. this is stevie. today we had our first tennis match of the season. we played maple grove at powderhorn park. I resumed my post at 2nd singles, and did so in striking fashion. I won 6-0 6-0 against some kid. he wasnt that bad though. the team won 7-0. it was really cool. our next match is against north, so it should actually be alot easier. well I am going to go do something else. peace.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Peter and Teresas b-day get together

Hi Everyone,

I just received an e-mail from Teresa about our picnic/BBQ and what dates work best for people. She had suggested May 2 and said that seemed to be the only date that worked for everyone. However, we were planning on having it later in the month of May since it probably wont be warm enough and the weekend of Peters birthday is also the weekend of Mothers Day. So, could everyone please check their calendars and let me know if either another Saturday or Sunday later in the month would work? We would like to have it during the day probably starting at around 1pm or so. If this doesnt work for people, then maybe we wont be able to have the birthday get together over at our place. But, dont fret, we will definitely have a get together if it doesnt work this time, sometime later this summer.

Thanks everyone!

Sunday, April 11, 2004