Saturday, November 22, 2003

Hello from Bloomington

Hello Everyone,

Good work, Joel and Teresa! Thanks for keeping the blog interesting. Maria, is your cousin who is in Iraq from Indianapolis? I noticed that the article Peter posted a link to was from the Indy Star. That's pretty close to me, here in Bloomington. One of my friends' brother is in the 101st Airborne near Mozel, and it is quite amazing to hear about some of his experiences. How is everyone spending Thanksgiving next week? I'm planning on going home to Atlanta, and hopefully catch up with my parents before their big anniversary trip. I'm going to run the Atlanta Half-Marathon, and eat a big dinner and enjoy being home and taking a break from my plants! Hope everyone is doing well,

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Hey! That is what I wrote!

Both Teresa and I were pleased (and surprised) to find things that we'd written get published online without signifigant editing.

Teresa's employer from the World Health Organization contacted her last week and asked her to do some more work (long distance). Although the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety decided not to link to other sites from their official website, they do want Teresa to evaluate other organizations' websites for possible inclusion on a separate WHO page. He mentioned that the website criteria she had developed for them in June had been put up on the GACVS's website. This was a total surprise to Teresa. You can find it on the GACVS web site here. (click on the link "New document: Good information practices," on the right hand side.)

My online publication is the "Klingon Language Version" of the World English Bible, that I mentioned before. It has been included in the online Bible Tool prepared for the American Bible Society. You can find it here. I was happy to see they used my short explanation/disclaimer, "Why a Klingon Bible," on their page (follow the Learn More.... .link under Just for Fun).

Monday, November 17, 2003

Check out Charlene's Angels, a movie starring Norris, Liv, myself and Janelle as well as Lisa and Emily Letourneau. Coming soon!