Friday, November 04, 2005

classes are going well here at north park. two of my professors have commented that I should change my major to their particular subject. so far I am undecided, and I have no plans of changing that in the near future. I am on an intramural basketball team and it is a lot of fun. we are in the A league or whatever, with really good people. its weird because I really dont know how to play basketball on a team so I end up feeling pretty awkward a lot of the time. I am averaging 5 points a game I think, I have made a couple of sweet blocks and I am really pulling down the rebounds like an old pro. tonight we played some old guys who are students in the seminary. they were all really old(in their 30's if you can believe that!!!!) and I sure gave them plenty of grief. I was talking a lot of trash and cracking jokes about bifocals and stuff. one man on their team was getting particularly frustrated as he thought that he had been fouled by one of the players on my team so I gently reminded him to keep in mind the fruits of the spirit. it was fun but my team lost. we dont really take ourselves or winning too seriously though so it's all good. last night I went to a brother ali concert at the abbey pub which is near north park. brother ali is a rapper from minneapolis and it was cool cause he was wearing a twins hat and he talks about minneapolis in some of his songs. he is a white, albino, heavy set fellow. I miss mpls, and even st paul and I am looking forward to coming home for thanksgiving. I hope all is well at home, where ever that is these days