Saturday, January 31, 2004


I sent the last edited chapter of my aunt's book to her last night and prepared to celebrate. My parents and I have expended much time and energy on this and I figure I have given her about $1,500 of my time. We had never heard whether of not she had the chutzpah to ask my rich cousin for the $10,000 she wanted to have 500 copies professionally printed. Well, today she called my parents and asked for money! This from a person who owns three homes in California, has lived in Europe for years at a time, etc. They are not donating to the cause and are suggesting that she start with printing 50 copies at Kinko's.

The "boys" are enjoying themselves in DisneyWorld now, although it has drizzled both days they've been there.

Friday, January 30, 2004

to whom it may concern:

what up family. I went to the doctor today and got my bandage taken off. the doctor says that the gash in my neck is healing very well(yeah right). he probably just said it to get more money or something. after he took of my bandage, he put another, much smaller and more maneuverable bandage on. I can take it off some time tomorrow. the good news is that I will be able to play tennis a little bit starting next week. I can't wait. well, I'll see all of you sometime later. peace.

Thursday, January 29, 2004

Network Security Expert Meets 'Gator

.-._ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
.-''-.__.-'_ _ '-' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' '-.
'.___ ' . .--_'-' '-' '-' _'-' '._
V: V 'vv-' '_ '. .' _..' '.'.
'=.____.=_.--' :_.__.__:_ '. : :
(((____.-' '-. / : :
(((-'\ .' /
_____..' .'

let sleeping gators lie...

Norris and I have just taken a nice long bike ride around the island, which included a visit to the J.N. "Ding" Darling National Wildlife Refuge. Very nice and picturesque (and Norris took the pictures). He kept complaining about seeing NO gators... then we came on one, then another.... then another. All as ferocious and active a Koko in the sun... in fact the first one Norris was SURE was fake... till finally it flicked an eyelid....

Tomorrow on to Orlando.. and probably no more posts.... Stay warm!! It is COLD here... down to 44 last night!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2004

More info needed

Hi all:

I want to know more about your girlfriend, Tom. A week ago you said NOTHING and now you are having your FATHER take pictures of you kanoodling in the kitchen. And she is a supermodel and you look like a unhappy prisoner.

Our main computer got infected with this new worm just when the resident network security expert went to Florida. Fortunately, Liv's laptop still works. Matt is going to try to help us out. I am an international expert on website content only!

Speaking of which, tomorrow I have an international conference call with all the people whose websites I dissed. Pray for Mojo!

Hello from Sanibel!

Where it is a sunny, but cool day. I'm biking around, Norris is back by the pool. We've gone to the beach and done some shelling ... check out the place we ate supper last night: The Bubble Room

Monday, January 26, 2004

Tom and Becky. Picture courtesy of Mark.
So Tom, who's this new girlfriend? Give us more details! (is it Becky Reeve? Maria seemed to think it was - I must have missed something...?) :)

edit: wow, she sure is tall Tom... is she standing on a chair? (lol) I'm happy you two got together, I always had a feeling that it would happen..

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Mazel tov to Tom on the girlfriend (maybe this one won't get this url). Get well soon, Stevie.
I know I haven't posted in awhile, so here goes Liv's update:
-I've knit 2 scarves and a bag and am working on a pair of legwarmers
-I'm on the speech team and our first meet is on Feb. 7th. I'm doing extemporaneous speaking-international topics. Of course, as a first year speaker I choose the hardest category.
I guess that's all. Well, have a good Sunday, I'm off to sing with small children.