Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wedding Plans

Hello Andersons!

Chris and I are leaving for Hawaii in a few days for our eloping/destination wedding and I wanted to share a few details with the family. We didn't get a chance to tell everyone about our plans when we were in Minnesota so I thought I could use the Anderblog as a venue. So here goes!

Chris's Mom was able to use two timeshare credits for two 2-bedroom units in Kauai for our week in Hawaii, which is how we chose our destination and saved us a lot of money. All of our parents and both of our sisters are joining us in Kauai.  We are getting married on December 8, 2011 on Anini Beach.
Some other parents will be playing their ukeleles on the beach for the ceremony!  I found my dress at a boutique a block away from my house - I found a sample dress on sale for the same price as an off the rack dress. My engagement ring is a small vintage diamond and gold ring that Chris and I found together, and I'm probably going to use it as my wedding ring until I can find another one. It is navette-shaped which I'm told is like the hull of a boat.  It turned out that my dress was in a movie so I can show you what it looks like!
I am sorry that we won't be able to share our day with all the Andersons, but I look forward to sharing the wedding photos and Hawaiian photos with you all!

Chris and I will be back to Minnesota soon! Our next step will be buying a house in the next year or two so I hope you all will be able to visit Nashville!  Best wishes, Ingrid