Friday, June 08, 2007


Hey Fam. I'm chillin' in Boston taking two international public health classes at Boston University. It's pretty sweet. This week we went on two field trips for one of my classes and we saw a lot of cool community based health initiatives. Plus the one we went to today has a tight charter school that they run that is just amazing. And the school invited us to attend their hip-hop opera that they are performing on Sunday, so a bunch of us are going to go. It's called "In Chains, We Lay This Rose" and it's "a hip hop chronicle of race, class, and prisons in the American Labor Movement." How cool is that?!? Plus we watched a cool documentary that Harvard made about this school. Oh, and the Irish Minister of Education has called it the best school in the nation and possibly the world. How cool!
Oh, and Maizie, I met two babies about your age today. They were twins and being brought in by their dad to the health clinic for their 6 month checkup today. They were adorable and stopped our tour for about 5 minutes while all the people oohed and ahhed. The dad seemed unsure of what to do with all the attention from us and all the nurses. Just thought you'd like to know, Maizie.
Here is my school:
Although I am not cool enough to be in that building (the School of Public Health) since that is only for the administration and what not.

Here is where I spend my time:

(The Medical Instruction Building)

Well, that's all for now. I'll tell you more about all my pinko commie adventures in public health. Just kidding. It's totally capitalist. In fact, for my less liberal family members you'll be glad to know, we worked on a model in class of how to promote market capitalist and career training into refugee camps. Yay!

Shakopee Sunset

We had a beautiful sunset last night down here in Shakopee - thought i'd share it with you.