Saturday, August 23, 2003

We love to read your posts, Tom--don't apologize! I will go to read your epic work soon.

Peter and Maria--Liv is at the fair EVERY day, never fear!

My trip to Omaha went well and Liv helped drive (7 hours each way). Unfortunately, the presentation went so well that I have been invited to return to Nebraska... not exactly my dream come true! Maybe I can write an epic novel about traveling to and from Omaha...

I've linked your blog on the right hand side of the family blog. I remember you telling me all about those experiences before (I think at my bachelor party camping trip) but reading them here made them very real. Your writing has made those experiences come alive, I feel almost like I was there with you! I especially liked the part near the end where you waxed philosophical:

"There's this thing about waiting- it's like you stop living and wait for life to begin again, and when it begins, when you pull out on to the open road, you breathe again because you have life to live- it's not just survival, it's life.
Life is divided into two categories, waiting and living, not only in literal ways like stop lights and grocery store check out lines, but in spiritual or abstract ways- emotionally and intellectually."

Awesome writing, keep up the good work! I'd like to see you write an entire novel about those experiences sometime.


liv, we'll see you at the fair on sunday if you're there!

I know I've been a little "posting crazy" the last couple of days, but just one thing. I have my own blog where I'm going to post some writing I've been doing- I just put a chapter from my up coming epic true life adventure tale "Stories from Mexico"- It is an early draft mind you and I welcome suggestions or harsh discouraging insults, as long as they're true. I will also accept adulation and praise, and money as well. (for what I'm not sure)

So, today, the hip-hop band I play guitar in (a fairly new development, yes, but well in line with my life goals) will be playing at a block party in North Minneapolis. It's the first time I've played with them so we'll just have to see how it goes. Maybe I'll bring a camera and take pictures. alright, peace. Tom

Friday, August 22, 2003

A Fair Day

Thanks for the congrats - it was fun to see our efforts be rewarded. And not just the boys - Teresa got a 2nd place for her bird - apolitical as it was!

I went early for breakfast at the Salem Lutheran building (near the fine arts) - only place (I think) with Swedish egg coffee! I had biked in, and wandered around a bit, then ran home (after seeing Teresa, Norris, Jerry and Russ checking out the Seed Art) to collect our instruments. Our spin around the fair was good, though I could barely blow my trumpet by the end. A nice touch was Joe, our director's son, playing crash cymbals while riding a unicycle - that got a lot of attention.

Liv was surprised to have one root beer customer ask "are you Paul Anderson's niece?" Not because of the resemblance - he was a neighbor that Paul had told about her gig at the fair.
Congratulations to Joel and Matt for winning prizes at the Fair! :)

Barrel #3 by Andy's Grille and Adventure Park. Same location as last year. 9-4.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Hey everybody, this is Tom- here's the update:

No job,
No girlfriend,
No money,

But I'm happy. So I've been working on a paper about Assyrian History and while I think it's pretty interesting, I'll only post my thesis paragraph just so you don't all think I'm just lazy and good for nothing. Also, if you know any cookie factories that are hiring, let me know and i'll send in my resume.

Assyria from Restoration to Fall: Military Might and the Atrophy of Culture

In the history of Assyria we perceive the emergence of this pattern: the values of dominance and power trump the values of culture and faith. The system required for the expansion and the maintenance of an empire by its very nature pushes a nation or people group away from the cultural values that may previously have given them identity and significance. Faith, religion and worship are likewise subjugated to the self-exultant system of empire and its expansion. As the system strengthens, the culture atrophies; and as the grip of power tightens, so stiffen the forces of resistance and division that lead to the destabilization of the empire.

Peace to all, Tom.

Monday, August 18, 2003

This weekend Maria and I participated in our friends', Nate and Tiffany's wedding. Maria was a beautiful bridesmaid, and I was an usher. It was an outdoor wedding at the Earl Browne Heritage Center in Brooklyn Center (if you've never been there you should check it out, its a very interesting place). The weather was unbearably hot, so all the groomsman/ushers didn't wear their suit coats. The guests were all using their bulletins for fans. The ceremony, luckily, was very short, and we were enjoying refreshments within 35-40 minutes. The newlyweds are heading to Banff for their honeymoon. Have fun guys!


once you know where you're going to be, let us know. Maria and I may be coming out this weekend.. Have fun with the bees!
Unfortunately I don't have a photo to enter for the virtual MNSF, but then again, who wants to look at a picture of me covered in pop and bees with a disgruntled look on my face?
p.s. If you do visit the MNSF, be sure to drop by my root beer barrel, I'm not sure which location I'll be at, but once I know, I'll be sure to let ya'll know!