Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Is This A Sign?

So, I moved in on Saturday and all Saturday evening/night and Sunday morning/noontime there was a crazy lightning storm here. And overnight the cross on top of our chapel got stuck by lightning. Yes, the cross. And a huge chunk of stone broke off of it and the organ in the church no longer works. Everyone is really worried it'll break off and crush someone and so the whole chapel area is blocked of.


Hey, guess what family? I got into the Manitou Singers. That's the freshman women's choir here at St. Olaf. Woo.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

Hoyme's Got the Power

Hey family! Well, I'm relaxing during another busy day in Hoyme. (It's my Home...with a Y) St. Olaf is a lot of fun and I've met a lot of people and they are all pretty cool. I met this kid named Stephen Anderson. He is really crazy and from Illinois. We hang out and it's fun. There are a lot of names spinning through my head...In conclusion, HOYME POWER!


State Fair

We're glad to hear that all the college bound Anderson's are settling in and set for a year of learning (and other experiences i'm sure). Good luck on the upcoming year.

We went to the fair on Friday and had a great time indulging in every manner of food on a stick - as well as enjoying the displays, rides and general good times at the fair. I think Maria's favorite part of the day was the Miracle of Birth Barn, while my favorite part was the Sweet Martha's cookies. I think I've eaten enough to last me until next year.

Good luck


Just wanted to wish everyone good luck at college and with the empty nests! I hope one of you all gets married soon so I can come back and visit...Drink a tea at Blue Mondays for me, Liv!

See you,