Sunday, October 18, 2009


What's up, family! No one's been posting anything in awhile. Although I guess blogs are old snooze compared to the technology of facebook, on which our family has been communicating.
I just figured I'd put a little note up for folks.
  1. I find that I enjoy teaching.
  2. My class has already achieved quite a few of our learning goals. My secret goal is to get them to master Pre-K by the end of January. I think we can do it.
  3. Baton Rouge is now officially "cold." And I think the past few months of desert heat in Arizona and swampy heat here have made me lose my Minnesota frostbite strength.
  4. I ran a 5k last week and I'll be running another one next week. Woo. It's an interesting way to see parts of New Orleans.
  5. Come visit me!
  6. I'm about to write a new donorschoose grant in case you want to help my kids learn letters. It'd be SWEET.
Your favorite niece/daughter/cousin/second cousin once removed/sister,