Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Maria's State Fair Post.. typed by Pete

Here are a couple of pictures from our day at the fair on Labor Day. We had a great time visiting the Miracle of Birth barn, which is maria's favorite each year. We saw lambs, piglets, calves, ducklings and chickies.. We had a great time! Love, Maria

One of the lambs at the Miracle of Birth Barn

Sunset on the Midway

A view of the ferris wheel and downdraft ride at sunset on the Midway..

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Fair to partly cloudy

Mark and I had quite a day at the fair. We hoped that we had arrived early enough to buy a root beer from Liv... we hadn’t. We shared Tom Thumb donuts and had an ice cream cone in the dairy building. We enjoyed the 4-H exhibits, especially photos and restored tractors. There was a ford truck the same age as Mark. The creative activities building is a perennial favorite for me. Joel and George’s pictures were very intriguing; then we looked for the chocolate chip cookies, but couldn’t find Matt’s picture. We saw the fair’s largest pumpkin... 733 pounds, a new variety of apple developed by the U of M and other wonderful things, like the vest they have developed which helps people with cystic fibrosis to breathe. Fortunately, I had picked up an AARP bag and was able to use it to protect me from the downpour of rain. Our last stop was the animal barns where I learned a lot. Did you know a pullet is a young hen, usually under a year old? Or that a cockerel is a young rooster? We saw beautiful fowl with such unusual patterns and colors. The next day when we were at the Noerenberg Gardens on Lake Minnetonka, we saw a foxglove flower with the same kind of markings as the birds at the fair. Ah, the beauty of creation! Have y'all been there? We should go together sometime. Nancy

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

camping in ely with the youthgroup

tom and I went camping at rock ridge camp with our youth group. it was fun. we swam and canoed and everything like that. here are some pictures of us having tons of fun.

"We Don't Need No Education"

I am pleased as punch that the fair is over. There's only so much time trapped in a barrel a body can stand. Precisely 84 hours. I am thrilled that the fair is over, even if that means school starting. But, as it is for Stevie, it is my senior year, so that's peachy keen. In fact, school was almost, dare I say, enjoyable today. Well, I did get some homework, and have quite a tough year ahead, but still, it'll be a good time.
Hopefully none of my colloquialisms was inappropriately used. For now, Livvi'i