Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Birthday, Matt!

( Oo) \|/ (^)(^)(^)(^)
(_=-) .===O- ~~Z~A~P~~ -O- _i__i__i__i_
/ \_/U' /|\ (____________)
|| |_/ |####|>o<|###|
\\ | (____________)
{K ||
| PP Happy Birthday Matt!!
| ||

Thursday, February 02, 2006

back from florida!

Hey everyone - we're back from our trip to Florida! The above picture is from Ft. Myers Beach where we stayed for 5 days. There sure were beautiful sunsets there! You can see some of our pictures here. We'll write more later!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

The Chicago Lofts

Saturday Nancy and I paid a visit to that great monolith to American mercantilism the venerable Sears building on Lake Street. Good old Sears put food on the table ,clothes on our backs and a roof over our head in our growing up years. Most of us obtained employment there at one time or another( my tenure only lasted two weeks one summer in high school. Joel did you ever work there?). After being vacant for several years and under construction for a couple this grand old edifice has been remodeled and reopened. Allina Health Care is a major tenant. Retail stores and restaurants will soon open on the first two floors where Sears Retail used to be. There will be a Hennepin County Service Center where we can by license tabs , driver's licenses, etc. Floors 3-8 are rental units. Floors 9 and above are condos. Nancy and I checked out two" Chicago Loft" model units on the 10th floor. One bedrooms start at around $230,000 and two bedrooms get into the upper $300,000's. Four "Penthouses " in the tower go for around $900,000. Very attractive apartments ( especially if you like concrete floors, original gigantic concrete support pillars and exposed brick walls) with great views of the twin cities. The sales person gave us a gigantic folder measuring 24" by 18" with information and a list of all the condo's and their prices. Several of them have already been sold so you better get busy if you have any interest.