Friday, March 26, 2004

here i am with a needle in my arm

i am at memorial blood center typing one- handed because instead of watching a movie i can go online... wonders never cease! they treat one very well here... i'm supposed to be squeezing the little inflated ball i have in my hand so the blood will not stop coming. if i forget, alarms sound, so i need to be careful. i am giving platelets today, so i'll be here a couple of hours.
i love these portraits of fred and mae. how pretty she is. i was remembering yesterday how we used to celebrate our birthdays together with betty also on the 23rd. i'm glad that now i have someone to celebrate with me again, maria!
i didn't put my b-day greeting to you on the blog on sunday, sorry. the pic of the atlanta folks was lovely too!
i'm glad your surgery went well, peter.
i suppose y'all have noticed that it has been awhile since i have piped up on the blog. i enjoy checking in often to find out what my son is doing at school... and the pictures you post of me are certainly flattering...
oops... my alarm is going off. i forgot to squeeze. i bet you all wish you were here. they just put a nice warm pack on my neck... ahhh! talk to you again soon. nancy

Thursday, March 25, 2004

nice photos

matt, thanks for putting those up for us, those are really neat.. I've downloaded them and will be printing them..

for those of you who are interested, i downloaded matt's photos below and restored them a little bit (taking out scratches, creases, etc). I can email them to you or bring them on a cd if you're interested.. (here are kind of how the restored ones look:

p.s. i had surgery on my arm today to remove a lump that has been causing some pain. They removed it and stitched me up again in about 15 minutes. It turned out to be a Lipoma, a fatty mass. I'm doing just fine now though.

Fred and Mae Portraits

To celebrate our Dad (or Grandpa's) 82nd birthday today, I am posting these two handsome portraits of Fred and Mae. I saw these pictures hanging in John and Lynda's den while Janelle and I were visiting them, and they were nice enough to let me scan them at a local camera store. If you would like to download these images, please click on the link below. I will leave the high resolution pictures up for a few weeks.

Anderson Family Photographs

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Detective Kokomo

Detective Kokomo is on the case....

....apropos of nothing. Just a picture we took of Koko lounging around.

Monday, March 22, 2004

tales of a dying generation

hey guys. the birthday party was alot of fun. we all had a fun time playing imagine if. what a fun game! today I have been reading "no longer at ease" by chinua achebe. its a really good book. I am supposed to finish it by 6th hour tomorrow and I still have like 94 pages left. thats not too bad I guess. in my freshman year I read the book "things fall apart" by the same author, so it is pretty cool to keep the cycle going. oh yeah, and I have the biggest project of the year due in chemistry tomorrow and I havent even started. i think I have like a 10 minutes presentation to give and everything. well whatever. who knows. maybe I will sneak into the library tomorrow to give a report on how it turned out. maybe not... peace.