Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Be careful out there!

Accident, originally uploaded by onebigswede.

Just thought I would update everyone on a little adventure that Maria had last night.

Maria was on her way home last night from work on Pioneer Trail in Eden Prairie when someone pulled out in front of her without looking, and she was forced to brake quickly, and steer into the ditch to avoid a collision. Maria hit the shoulder hard in a puff of snow. She was shaken up, but was otherwise ok. Her car, however, was buried deep in a ditch, resting at a bit of an angle. She wasn't even able to get out of the car until her parents arrived on scene to help her out.

Maria's father and I went back to the scene a few hours later to get the car towed out of the ditch, and to make sure the car would still run. Luckily there is only some minor damage to the vehicle - and it ran just fine.

Thank God Maria wasn't injured in the crash and nobody else was hurt either. It could have been a lot worse! It's starting to seem like the Andersons are a bit accident prone?! Click the picture above to see other photos of the scene.