Saturday, March 29, 2003

Teddy bear picnic

Ah, Bobo, reunited at last. I'll never leave you again!

But I can't help but wonder what the future holds for looks like you've found a new friend...maybe you should stay with him!

Bobo the Bear!

Like Citizen Kane's Xanadu, basements can be incredible treasure troves filled with amazing things. Recently discovered in our basement was a poor abandoned fellow we're calling "Bobo". We think his mother ran away to the Big Apple - does she still remember her little Bobo?


Looks like Bobo may have been adopted already....

Friday, March 28, 2003

Hey, what's up -- this is John. Hope everyone is well in the North Country. I won't bore you all with how green it is getting down here, how many flowers are blooming, etc.

I wanted to let everyone know that Lynda and I are coming to MN. I'm attending a conference downtown with a poster presentation. We'll be in town from the evening of 4/30 through the afternoon of Sunday 5/5. We'll be staying at the meeting hotel downtown (well, why not?) but hope to spend as much time with you all as possible.

Things are well here -- I recently did a long bike ride on my recumbent bike -- the Tour of Pike County Georgia (the main town is Zebulon, by the way). Also, this week I did my seminar at Emory U. that Ingrid mentioned. I think it went pretty well, at least no one got hurt...Lynda and I are planning 2 bike vacations -- to White Springs, FL in April (which has among other things the Sewanee River and the Stephen Foster museum -- although he was never there). And we just rented a cottage for 5 nights on Orcas Island, Washington for July -- we'll go up there and do some biking in the San Juan Islands after Lynda's early music workshop out there. See you all soon.


Wednesday, March 26, 2003


Woke up this morning ... seemed too light out, and the alarm clock was *BLANK*! Uh-oh.

Our power was out - probably for about 5 hours. Quickly scrambled to wake Liv and Norris. Liv got to the bus okay (on time, even!).

Power came back on around 7:30, and I got to work around one hour late ... BIKING, of course!

Monday, March 24, 2003

Hey thanks Tom for the bit of encouragment. I know that if you were here, I could definitely count on you. You are the best!

Anyways, my birthday spent with my parents and Pete was a lot of fun. We went out to dinner at my favorite restaurant downtown called Copelands of New Orleans. My parents got me my favorite flowers...peach roses! Then afterwards we just rented the movie "Trapped" and went back over to my parents house to watch it on the big screen. We were going to possibly go bowling downtown, but since my mom was still not feeling well, we decided to take it easy.

Then on Saturday, Pete took me out to dinner at Palominos downtown. We had heard it had really good food, but I dont think I ordered the right thing. Pete's pork chop was delicious though. Then he took me to the Sheraton hotel for the night. We always have such fun together. It's so true that your spouse is your best friend. I love you honey!

Then on Sunday we went over to Mark and Nancys for the afternoon to celebrate my birthday and Nancys. The weather was just beautiful and it was a perfect day to grill hamburgers on the grill. They were delicious by the way. We played several rounds of Yahtzee and Pictionary.

Despite my brothers absence, my birthday was a great time. Thanks everyone for making it such a special weekend for me.

I also wanted to add that when Pete and I were in Chicago we went and ate at Giordanos and I definitely agree with Tom that they have the best pizza ever. You guys looked like you had a good time.

Well, I suppose I should go home now from work. I have been here way too long. Take care everyone!

Sunday, March 23, 2003


So I rented a car, invited my roommate to join me, and spent two days in Chicago for spring break. It was great to see Tom! I'm sorry I couldn't make it up in time to see Teresa and Norris (unexpected car trouble) but hopefully I'll get to see everyone again soon. My roommate, Liana, and I spent some time at the art institute (and heard a lecture there), at Navy Pier (there's a great stained glass window museum there, and a ferris wheel), and the Sears Tower--but the highlight was definitely hanging out with Tom, eating Chicago pizza and listening to the blues. Click on the photo for a few more pictures:

Look, we're in Chicag-