Monday, August 01, 2005

wow! congrats!

Congratulations Tom and Beckie!

I just back from "the worlds largest underground hacker convention" - three *hot* days in Las Vegas, learning among other things how to hack using Google and how to get out a set of handcuffs.

A very good and educational time - though exhausting in the 107 degree heat.

no, I didn't use this ATM

Sunday, July 31, 2005


Maria and I were in Webster, Wisconsin this weekend at her Godparent's cabin (see picture). We had a great time playing with all their assorted toys including their wave runner, ATVs, and boat. We both came away with a bit of sunburn, but had a wonderful and relaxing time.

OK, on to the big news (as was stated in my title). We got home tonight and noticed that we had a voicemail. We listened to it and found out that TOM & BECKIE ARE GETTING MARRIED!!

Sorry about the silly photo it's all i have. :)

We called him up and he regaled us with the tale of how he had proposed to her while they were on a mission trip to New York. I'm sure Tom will come on here and tell the story himself, so I won't spoil it. But let me be the first to say on this Blog - Congratulations Tom and Beckie!!


I was just in new york city for a week. the high light of the week actually happened before I got to the city. we had a quick layover in chicago on the way there and I went for a walk in the airport. I sat down just to look out the window and when I looked up I saw jesse jackson sitting across from me. I called tom on his phone since he was on the other side of the airport and told him to come see jesse jackson, so he and beckie came over and sat down for a minute, but they were quickly intimidated and left. I made up my mind to shake his hand and after 10-15 minutes of gathering my courage I finally walked over to him and said hello as I extended my hand to shake his. He shook my hand but held up the index finger of his other hand to indicate that he was busy. I then realized that he was talking on the phone via an earpiece. boy was that embarrassing. so I ran off quickly with my tail between my legs.