Saturday, October 01, 2005

Attention! Andersons over 50:oscopy

Friday I had my first ever colonoscopy. Several years ago I had a procedure called a flexible sigmoidoscopy which also examines the colon. It was verrrrrrry ! uncomfortable. When I had a physical in August my doctor suggested it was time for a colonoscopy. I was not thrilled but took the information with the thought that I would do it whenever it was convenient. However my doctor had contacted Minnesota Enterology who sent me a packet of information and then followed up with a phone call encouraging me to make my appointment. So I made my appointment for September 30 a day when there was no school for students and I wouldn't need a sub. I followed the prep procedures; low fiber diet Tuesday and Wednesday, liquid diet Thursday followed by a process for cleaning me out which I will not describe. Friday morning I arrived at the clinic at 8:45 accompanied by my lovely driver Nancy. The doctor and nurses were very nice to me and the procedure went off without a hitch. And there was very little discomfort. Best of all I got a clean bill of health and I won't need another one for ten years. Nancy and I celebrated by going out to Perkins for pancakes. Today I celebrated by eating lots of vegies and going on a 57 mile bike ride to Carver Park. So if you are an Anderson over 50 maybe you should have one too.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

A dog's day

Hey, fam!

I had a really exciting day. Some contractors were coming to fix our living room ceiling, so my mommy asked Dr. Deborah if I could come to work today and she said YES! (even though she hates pets) I had a great time whoofing at any little noise (doorbell, printer, phone, etc.) while my mom attempted to shush me. The best part of the day was when I found a present for my mommy under an unused desk. I don't know why she screamed when I dropped it at her feet--I found a mummified mouse in a mousetrap quite interesting! I'm exhausted tonight--having a job is hard work.

Love, Koko

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Happy Birthday Paul, Happy National Pancake Day!

Happy Birthday Paul - and a happy national pancake day to all! One of the networking groups here at the U (that I used to work for) celebrated (pancake day) with a nice banquet of pancakes, waffles, fruit and good strong coffee* - how Swedish is that?

The Home of the Swedish Pancake!
Findus och Pettson lagar pannkaka
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How To Eat Swedish Pancakes
Set a table for 4 persons. If you are more than that you have to make more Swedish Pancakes. Add in proportion to the recipe above.
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Use dinner plates, knifes and forks.
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The only drink possible with Swedish Pancakes is milk.
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The Swedish Pancakes should be eaten together with either the jam or fruit preserve of your choice or ice cream - or both. The rules are not strict here. The important thing is that you like it. Basically it should be sweet and rather unhealthy.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

happy birthday

happy birthday everyone.

chicago and college are all treating me well. the past two days I spent a lot of time with my friend nick chrastil, from south high who was visiting chicago with his family. they were staying in his grandmother's condo on the 55th floor of the john hancock building, the second tallest building in chicago after the sears tower. the view was amazing and we had access to a pool, sauna and work out facilites. it was a lot of fun. everyone in the city of chicago thinks I either look like hulk hogan or heath ledger. I consider both to be a compliment.