Friday, May 23, 2003

Happy belated Birthday Mae and Ingrid!

I just got back from my trip to the Boundary Waters near Ely, MN. I went with a group of guys from my church small group, and we had a great time! We saw a moose, a beaver, several loons, and other assorted wildlife and beautiful nature scenes. Here's a picture from our campsite on our last night there: I can't wait to go back!


Thursday, May 22, 2003

Thanks for the birthday wishes. I just got back from Miami on a business trip or I would have written sooner. I have pictures (the water was so pretty!) but I don't know how to post them...Hope everyone is well!

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Congratulations to Nancy, too, for finishing her class! We are looking forward to hearing about that job.

With my officemate and Deborah both out of town, I have been spending a few concentrated days working on my WHO presentation. It's amazing how one can become an international expert with the help of Google. One person reassured me by saying I only have to know more than my audience. That reminds me of Joel's joke: Two guys are trying to escape from a bear. One stops to put on his running shoes and his buddy chides him, "Why are you doing that? You'll never outrun a bear!" His friend replied, "I don't have to outrun the bear. I just have to outrun you."

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

May Y'all have a happy (belated) Birthday(s)!

( Happy Birthday )
`-_________ ___-` ,~~~~
V __ ( Mae )
.' '. ( and )
: : ( Ingrid!)
| _ _ | `~~~~~~`o
.-.|(o)(o)|.-. _._ o _._
( ( | .--. | ) ) .',_ '. o .' _,'.
'-/ ( ) \-' / /' `\ \ __ / /' `\ \
/ '--' \ /.' \.' './ '.\
\ `"===="` / ` : _ _ : `
`\ /' |(o)(o)|
`\ /' | |
/`-.-`\_ / \
_.-"`\._/V\_./`"-._ / .--. \
.'/ \ /^\ / \'. | ( ) |
/ / \| |/ \ \ _\ '--' /__
/ / \_/ \ \ .' '-.__.-' `-.

(Happy Birthday from Wallace and Gromit, (no that wasn't
supposed to be Joel and Kokomo) )

Monday, May 19, 2003

Happy Birthday Ingrid! Happy Birthday Mae! Is it still May 18 somewhere in the world? International dateline or something? I hope both of you had a terrific day. Your apt. is great and what a lovely view!

Congratulations to Norris & Tom on their graduation! We had fun in Chicago... the Art Institute was my favorite. I hoped to put a picture on here, but Peter is in the Boundary Waters & can't help me do it!
I heard from Tom - He was in Miami and told me he got arrested for smuggling Cuban cigars... fortunately he was joking.
It sounds like a grand time in Cleveland... what a wonderful opportunity, Liv. I remember John Glenn's first space flight... we all admired the astronauts... watched on a t.v. in the gym. Yes, we had t.v. when I was a child.
I'm done with my class and now I just need to find a job. Ho-hum... So long everybody, Nancy
Movin' on Up!
Movin' on Up!

On Sunday morning we attended a lovely graduation reception at Eastcliff, the home of the University president. The president and his wife were both very gracious... in fact "Susan" hugged Norris and apologised for getting makeup on his suit. There were light refreshments and a jazz band. Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed seeing the inside of the house they'd driven by so many times. Unfortunately, Liv was still on the bus returning from Cleveland and arrived just in time for the long and very boring graduation ceremony at Northrup. THEN we all went over to the Carlson School for another reception with more light refreshments and another jazz band.

Joel and Teresa
(photograph by Russell with his good eye)