Saturday, March 15, 2003

Well, I can see some likeness. Joel says it would look more like you with your usual smile. At least they didn't do what they did at a conference Sue and Loren Burket went to---provide computer-generated "aged" photos of everyone!
For our work party this year the management had a caricaturist come and do caricatures of everyone on staff. I wasn't at the work party, but they had the artist come down to work another day for those who weren't there. (wasn't that nice of them?) I just got mine back, and i thought it was kind of funny. Maria doesn't think it looks like me at all. What do you guys think?

Friday, March 14, 2003

Liv said it first on her blog... Now it is my turn!
Happy PI Day (3.14)

Anyone who wants to remember the digits of PI can always go to my website

and get a program to help remember as many as they want!

Thursday, March 13, 2003

Here's one of my new favorite blogs. It is done by Dave Barry, the author and humorist. It is pretty funny.

Dave Barry's Blog

Wednesday, March 12, 2003

A miracle happened today, Elizabeth Smart has been recovered and is alive. After nine months of being kidnapped she's home. Amazing.
Everyone, i made a booboo and erased the template for the blog.. I'll get it back up shortly, but in the meantime, it may look a bit strange. Also, if I had a link to your site on the right hand side, please resend it to me so I can get it back up for you. Sorry ! oops..
Mae, I had checked out that link yesterday before you posted it. It has a lot of good pictures on it, good choice..:) Now we just need to find a photolog for the Twin Cities and Atlanta. So, do you think that if you get your own digital camera you'll start your own photo blog?

I'm thinking about starting adding my daily photos to my blog more often.. I went to a cemetary by my work yesterday and took a bunch of photos of the statues of Jesus that they had there.. I liked how this one turned out:

My favorite photoblog is It always has good shots of New York, updated almost daily, and was created by a guy who writes about technology for the New York Times. So if you're ever wondering what things are like around here, check that out (in lieu of me posting my own photos, because I don't have a digital camera, though my birthday isn't TOO far away.. *cough* parents *cough*).

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

I found this interesting site while looking at a bunch of Photo Blogs. This site revolves around Chicago.

The author/web developer describes the site like this:

Chicago ... through the eyes of its biggest fan.
Chicago Uncommon is the product of one woman's interests dramatically colliding. Passion for photography & web design crossed with an adoration of the Windy City developed into a massive collection of Chicagoland photography displayed categorically and shared with you.

I thought you might get a kick out of this Tom. They've got some pretty cool photos on here.

Chicago Uncommon Photographs

Also check out this site for more interesting photo blogs. - The Photoblog Resource
Joel had pointed out the NYT article to me earlier, Mae. Gibson's father sounds like a outright kook. I have been wallowing in conspiracy theories for weeks, putting together IAC's piece on "Who's Who and What's What Among Vaccine Critics." I will say, based on my experience, that his father is somewhat unusual as Catholics are not usually big into promoting conspiracy theories... more often they are on the receiving end!
Here is the New York Times Magazine's take on the movie: Is the Pope Catholic...Enough?
Actors will speak only Aramaic and Latin, with no subtitles! Gibson was reportedly furious about the article, because they spoke to his father.
Joel, thanks for that article, it was even better than the other one. Sounds like Jim Caviezel is a devout Catholic as well, good to hear. I am looking forward to the movie, although it sounds like it may be a bit hard to watch due to the violence of Jesus death. I can't wait!

Monday, March 10, 2003

Ummm,yes. Yes he is...
Mel Gibson is a Christian - belongs to some little denomination... Catholic, I think they call it. Here is another article (from some Baptists) about the movie, and Gibson's faith.
Here's an interesting story about a movie that Mel Gibson is working on about the passion of Jesus Christ. Jesus will be played by Jim Caviezel (From "The Count of Monte Cristo", and "Angel Eyes"). Sounds interesting, and i never knew that Gibson was a Christian before. I wonder how this project will turn out, it seems that Gibson's intentions are pretty good. Read about it here:

Mel Gibson's Great Passion
Mom, I don't think the 15th will work for us for your birthday, how about trying to do one for both your birthday and Maria's? Maria is having a birthday with her friends on that Saturday, so we wouldn't be able to come. Have a great Monday everyone.
Hi Everybody! I enjoyed reading everybody's posts. Mae, I enjoyed your article! You're a talented writer. Maria, it sounds like you had a great weekend, altho' the thought of going out in the cold in the middle of the night makes me feel shivery & old. I wish I could have been a mouse in the corner - not the dead one, of course. Teresa, Yes, I'm still muddling through at the U... maybe I'll major in poetry. I don't know when we'll celebrate my birthday... I'll ask Mark if he's thought about it. How is Sat. the 15th? The first day of spring is Maria's birthday. If we celebrate separately, we get to have 2 parties, but it's a lot of fun to celebrate together too! It's late - I have class in the morning. Good night all! Nancy

Sunday, March 09, 2003

Hello all. Norris, I simply mentioned the Disney card as a cousinly gesture because I knew you were a fan and in no way "talked smack" about it! My sketch was cut from Saturday Night Live before it aired. But it was still fun to get to spend all day at the studio and see Queen Latifah, Jimmy Fallon et al. up close! I was in a WNBA sketch as part of the audience, and we rehearsed it twice, once in front of a live audience, before it was cut. So that's the scoop. Hope everyone is well.
Hey everyone! Maria just mentioned that we just went on a small group retreat.. To see the photos, click here

Hi Everyone,

Well Pete and I just got back from our retreat with our small group. It was a pretty good time, eventhough we didnt have any toilets! The pipes froze before we got there and there was only one running toilet and it was in a totally different building that we had to walk outside in the frigid cold to get to. The place was really junkie and everyone was complaining as to how it smelled like poop everywhere. We think maybe a mouse died and that's what was stinking up the place. But the company and food were wonderful. Each of us gave our testimonies and mine ran the longest...ONE HOUR!! I cant believe I talked that long. I still hadnt said everything I wanted to say though. We all really bonded and laughed a lot together. The beds werent too comfortable either, so Pete and I are pretty exhausted. I think we are going to go take a nap now. Hope everyone's weekend went well. Oh and let us know if Mae got on TV. Thats so awesome. Hopefully someone got it on tape so we can see it.