Sunday, November 12, 2006

US News knows about Klingons!

...But in the past few years, behind-the-scenes upgrades have made it easier for ordinary people to take control of the Web, to broadcast their perspectives, whether that happens in a video clip of a guy demonstrating the "Evolution of Dance" or a downloadable recording of weekly Bible verses in Klingon. And all that expression is fast becoming more of a conversation. ...

[In case anyone doesn't know, that refers to my "A Klingon Word from the Word" podcast, found at]
I went to CHicago last weekend with my friends JOhn, Eamonn and Micah. Unfortunately I didnt take out the camera until after micah had already left for home, so I dont have any pictures of all four of us. we really did have a lot of fun, even though we may not look like it in this picture. before I snapped this photo, john said "let's take a serious one." so of course eamonn and I are looking really tough while john has a goofy grin on his face. we spent most of our time at depaul visiting friends from high school, but we did visit north park too. I can definitely say that while I do miss living in the grand city of chicago, I am happier at the univerity of minnesota than I was, or would be at north park.