Saturday, February 22, 2003

Your photography is very artistic, Peter. We especially like your landfill ones. I am leaving for my French conference on Monday and have been debating about cameras. I haven't been real happy with the results from our new little camera (bought just to avoid lugging the old Nikon and its heavy flash attachment along on trips). So I'll probably bring the old camera because I'd hate to mess up any photographic moments in the Alps.

As far as the conference, we have found out more about the other participants and it turns out that there will probably have some contentious moments (that is the SHORT story!) So I now have to worry about: terrorists, American-hating French people, drunk taxi driver (my mother's contribution), dying in Lake Annecy (which some CDC person did in winter when he jumped in to show off to some Scandinavian beauties... I didn't think I would be tempted, but Joel pointed out that my hotel bragged, "Only 200 metres to the pier!"), jet lag, AND having to do my share of arguing at the conference. Assuming I'm alive, I'll write next from Annecy!

Friday, February 21, 2003

I've added another gallery to my photography site. it's a gallery of Maria and my honeymoon. Check it out!

A | N | D | E | R | S | O | N - Photography
I found this deal for a free vehicle history report on Its a good thing to have if you aren't the first owner of your vehicle, or if you plan on selling your car. I just ran one for free on my Dodge. These reports usually are about $25 or so..

Free Carfax Report

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I published my note about Stevie too soon. Because so many people signed up for the tournament, the first night (Friday) he plays in Fridley at the Northwest Athletic Club - Moore Lake. (94 to 694East to Central Av. N., 1 1/2 mile to E. Moore Lake Drive on the right.) I just put those directions in, to emphasize my correction.
Thanks, Joel for your good wishes. I'll have to get Stevie to "Blog-On." Nancy
Good luck Stevie!
For those of you worried about a terrorist attack, the government has put out a website to give you an idea of what to do in different situations. - From the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
Hi Everybody - As Dr. Nick would say... (I'm becoming an expert) - Stevie is playing in a tennis tournament on Friday eve, 6:30 p.m. in Eden Prairie at the Flagship. He said it was okay to tell you about it. Nancy

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

More Dr. Nick.....

All about Dr. Nick


Lawyer: "Mrs. Simpson, you're not a doctor, I'm not a doctor, the boy's not a doctor. The only person in this room that even comes close is this man."

Dr. Nick: "'re embarrassing me!"


"See you in the operating place."

"The coroner, I'm so sick of that guy."


(singing while performing surgery)The knee bone's connected to the...something. The something's connected to thing. The red thing's connected to my...wrist watch. Uh oh."

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Hello everyone. (unlike Mr. Nicholas)

I'm doing an independant study on Ancient History of the Near East, which is a wonderful topic. I had established with the Professor that I would write 3 papers during the semester to show what I am learning etc... the problem was that I forgot to establish the length of those papers. On friday I got an e-mail from him saying that "Each paper must be no less than 20 pages". So, every four weeks until I graduate, I need to write a 20 page paper. Ahhh, I hope I graduate.

Nancy, Dr. Nick Riviera is a quack on "The Simpsons." He and people always greet each other cheerfully whenever he appears. He does all varieties of unethical surgeries... perhaps you might run into him in the underground mortuary.

We also enjoyed Janelle's choir concert, although it must have taken a lot out of her as she was too sick to work today...

Hi Everybody - (Who's Dr. Nick - I haven't a clue) I'm sure you're all thinking, "That's for sure!"
My latest adventure - I was lost in the basement of some building where all the doors were red. I really felt like I shouldn't be there. After I inspected the "new" Coffman Union, I decided to go outside instead of wandering forever neath the streets of the U, and I ended up in a place that said, "Authorized vehicles only - mortuary pick-up." I proceeded on, after all I'm not a vehicle. But alas, there was no sidewalk around the building. I decided not to try going thro' ... after all, what picture do the words "mortuary pickup" bring to your mind? Class is going well. We really enjoyed Janelle's concert. - Nancy

You are correct. When you write something, please be sure to hit "post & publish". If you just hit post, it won't go onto the live site. :)
Note to Mark and John about posting... When I went to post something on Saturday, I noticed that Mark's letter was visible on the "editor" but not on the blog page, so I punched "publish" for him (hope you wanted it published!) I guess that this might have happened to John too... If you just hit "post" it will save your letter, but not post it on the blog home page. So hit "post and publish" (correct me if I'm wrong, Peter). Teresa
Hey Anderson's,
What's up?...I posted a couple days ago, but I guess it didn't go through...Thanks to Ingrid for putting up the pix of our house, or as we call it now, "My blue heaven"...Lynda and I had a nice weekend in a state park cabin about 40 miles outside Atlanta -- we rode our bikes to Madison, the town that time (and General Sherman) forgot -- Mark and Tom may remember it from BRAG 96. Congratulations to Liv...when are you going to put you knowledge of the probability of horseracing to some practical use?...l8r...

New York in a Minnesota State of Mind

Well, Mae, with your Minnesota winter experience, you've got to be better equipped than most in the Big Apple!

* . *
. _\/ \/_ .
\ \ / / . .
.. .. -==>: X :<==- _\/ \/_
'\ /' / _/ \_ \ _\/\/_
\\// ' /\ /\ ' _\_\_\/\/_/_/_
_.__\\\///__._ * ' * / /_/\/\_\ \
' ///\\\ ' _/\/\_
//\\ /\ /\
./ \. ._ _. ' '
'' '' (_) (_) <> \ / <>
.\::/. \_\/ \/_/
_.=._\\//_.=._ \\//
'=' //\\ '=' _<>_\_\<>/_/_<>_
'.| |.' '/::\' : <> / /<>\ \ <>
. ~~\ /~~ . (_) (_) '.___/*\___.' _ //\\ _
_\_._\/_._/_ ' ' \* \ / */ / /\ /\ \
/ ' /\ ' \ >--X--< <> / \ <>
' __/ \__ ' ^ /*_/ \_*\
' .'| |'. ,' \ .' \*/ '.
. L""/ :
` |
J | \o/
o J L _o/.:|:.\o_
o : o | | . , .\:|:/.
'.\'/.' | |.`v_L.' -=>>::>o<::<<=-
:->@<-: // ,>-(-\'_ _ '/:|:\' _
.'/.\'. \`' \ - /-. o\':|:'/o
o : o / /`""| /o\
o ),' `-
( ,-' \
) ,' ,' h
/ / / `)--..
\/ / \ <)
< , L<'
F/ _/ ,'
L ,-' \
| ___L
/ ( F
J ___,' L
| ,' |
F ,' |
(_,--..__ mt-2|_
,' `"`--.._\

I believe he likes to be called Dr. Nick, Mae...

Hi Everybody (as Mr. Nick would say.)

This is what it looks like in New York:

As in, its all white! 2 feet of snow, and we're not used to this. It is making me nostalgic for Minnesota...but not THAT nostalgic. Hope everyone is well,


Google buys developer

Monday, February 17, 2003

Sunday, February 16, 2003

Wow, Liv, congratulations! That is terrific. More wonderful experiences ahead for you!
What a beautiful house! I love the blue siding.
And what beautiful sunsets... especially the "foggy glow" one.. really dramatic looking.
Mark was going to tell about the home and garden show, but he didn't, so, even tho' it's something from a week ago, I just wanted to say how neat David's Landscape display was. Peter had a lovely picture of it, if you remember. I can see why it was chosen to be the set for all the tv stations. We're looking forward to the concert, Janelle!
- Nancy