Saturday, July 05, 2003

Tom- Have you ever considered joining the Peace Corps?
Bloomin' Hostas!
From a picture that John passed on - a blooming "Fried Green Tomato":

Friday, July 04, 2003

From the Buford Avenue Missile Agency: Independence Day!
Independence from gravity! At least for a moment or two, I went down and launched three rockets - my small contribution to the black powder industry of the USA!

Earlier today, we watched the parade down Como in St. Anthony Park (marchers included an "Anaphylaxis and Food Allergy Support Group") . At the park Teresa and I played in the band (I got to sing, too) for the festivities. Especially notable is the fact that Kokomo got to come with us! He doesn't get out much, at least to such exciting places - but he was very well behaved. He sat on Liv's lap during our concert - finally he understands why Teresa practices those crazy drums (he usually hides around the corner from her when she is practicing).

Great to see more activity here! We're looking forward to hearing more! John and Lynda, I bet there are E-cafe's in Washington!
I must admit I impressed myself still being in 4th place of the posting stats while not having posted for a couple months or something like that. Here's the deal- I have two bachelor's degrees and no jobs. I might have some work coming up with a friend of mine who does construction work and so I'm hoping that works out. Otherwise I'm writing a novel about a man named Jack who has never left Pittsburgh but has a great National Geographic collection in his basement and he reads them and learns all about these far off countries and distant lands and then he goes around to dinner parties and lies to people about all the adventures he's had in foreign lands with the finest mysterious women of the world's cosmopolitan urban centers and lost corners.

Then, I meet Jack and we go on a trip to Mexico City and climb the pyramids and he cries.

That's the climax.

Well, without a job, I figured I might as well spend my time productively. I've also been helping a friend of mine record an album. Get all the details at

okay, hope everyone is well. Tom.
It's great to have so many new posts! Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 03, 2003

Hey, since my posting stats are even lower than many, I thought I should post something. This summer is too hot for me. My work is still going good. They have given me a lot of responsibility. My mom's boss' son came in to buy over a thousand dollars worth of dress clothes from me the other day. He is going on a trip to Washington D.C. and needed 10 days worth of dress clothes of which he had none. At their house they wear 100% Amish clothes, so he needed a lot of new stuff

Liv, Matt, our friends Lisa and Emily, and I are making a new movie. It was a very hot day of shooting under all those wigs. Matt took these really good EXCLUSIVE pictures. The pictures include the cast on the set, Liv and Lisa, and me as Billy Ray Cyrus.

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Hay everybody - I'm back from almost 3 weeks on the farm - My folks are doing pretty well, but get discouraged sometimes. Mom has Paget's disease in her left shoulder... chronic pain, bone structure changes, etc., but no treatment decided upon at this time. Dad's femur has a fracture in it right below where his hip replacements were done, so has a lot of pain some days. He does a lot of reading and is very patient and never complains!
My sister Jan's house is almost ready for her to move in. It's really lovely. I'm so happy for her!
Mark, Stevie & I will be going down this weekend for my brother Pete and Diane's 25th anniversary celebration. It was fun catching up on each of you. Everybody in this house (except me) have been doing a lot of biking. I enjoy hearing about everyone's travels and trees. Happy Independence Day! Take Care! Nancy

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Hey everybody -- John here,
I notice from the statistical analysis prepared by Teresa that I haven't been posting very much, so here goes.

Thanks to Ingrid for posting the pictures of the tree that fell into our side yard -- that should be all grass in that area. It was half of a double tulip poplar that fell from the yard across the creek. It missed our house, but damaged a crabapple tree and a cedar tree. It is actually a pretty massive trunk that fell, but it's hard to see in the picture because it was covered with ivy, so it just looks like a bunch of greenery. We have a lot of ivy in our yard and I always keep it off the tree trunks. Down here it will grow up and completely cover large trees. We have had tree services out to look at this -- our neighbor will pay for removal, but she has moved out of state and has the house for sale, so everything is moving slowly.

Lynda will be heading out to Port Townsend, WA next week for an early music workshop. I will join her for a vacation on Orcas Island in Puget Sound the week of July 13. I just shipped our bikes out there via UPS yesterday, so I hope they arrive. We should be back home the evening of July19.

I think we have made up for 5 years of drought in the past 2 months, and we are getting hit by the remnants of Tropical Storm Bill right now. Hope everyone is having a great summer.

Hi Everyone,
Sorry it's been so long since I posted anything. I've just been extremely busy with finding a new job and getting situated. It's much better at my new job. I am still doing the same things, just less work, more pay and the people are a lot nicer. The building is also beautiful and brand new. However, on my first day I found out that someone from my old job had called the vice president of my new job and told her all sorts of untrue rumors. Thank God she didn't believe them, otherwise I could've gotten fired. I was so upset and hurt. I couldn't believe someone would have the nerve to do that to me, especially when I worked so hard for them and did absolutely nothing wrong. I am in the process of finding out who exactly it was and getting to the bottom of it before it gets any worse.

Anyways, thanks everyone for all your anniversary wishes. Joel, I love that picture that you posted for us. Well, tomorrow evening we are going to Mark and Nancys for dinner. It will be nice to see Nancy again. Seems like she's been gone forever.

So does everyone have plans for the fourth of July? I think Pete and I may be going up to my parents cabin. It will be a nice getaway. My parents found out a couple days ago that the sale of my parents home fell through. It's tragic for both parties. I guess they recieved a letter in the mail stating that the Mr. of the family got cancer and that they can't afford it anymore since he will be undergoing chemo and they need to use that money to get him better. My parents are just devastated for him, but now dont know what to do since they are building a new house. Now they own two homes and arent sure if either one will sell. Please keep them in your prayers.

Hope it doesnt take me this long to write again. Take care everyone!
Anderson House Chronicles, continued. Chapter 2. The Tree.


Dad wanted me to post these pics of a tree that fell in our backyard. More comments by Dad to follow!


Monday, June 30, 2003


Last day of June (I'm trying to fly a rocket every month

and almost missed out on June!), and a great day to fly!

Beautiful picture Peter!
Ok, here's a report on what Maria and I have been doing..:) We went to a Saints Game yesterday with others in our church small group. It was a beautiful day and perfect for being outdoors. We were in the sun at the hottest time of the day, and all ended up getting sunburned. Ouch!.. The Saints won 5-3!Here's the field from our seats:

| |

Sunday, June 29, 2003

I get carried away (or should be) - here's a graphic to encourage MORE posting!

Each horizontal tick represents an archived week of postings. The vertical axis is number of posts.

My analysis is that warmer weather yields less time at the computer. But that means you all should have more to report! Let us hear more about what y'all are doing out there!
The Anderson Blog is now six months old! Thanks for starting it, Peter. I thought it might be interesting to count how many times each Anderson had written. Lousy epidemiologist that I am, I was planning on doing this manually, but Joel wrote a quick program and had it done before I could start. This is NOT to criticize anyone for blgging too much or too little (but it would be nice to hear from everyone once and a while!)

The envelope, please...

Peter 108
Joel 74
Teresa 42
Thomas 26
Mae 25
Nancy 24
Liv 23
Maria 19
Matt 11
Ingrid 10
Mark 9
Janelle 8
John 8
Lynda 3
Norris 3
Paul 0
Stevie 0