Monday, October 23, 2006


As I told several of you at Pete and Maria's lovely open house, I was given a citation for "noisy assembly" on friday night. while most of the people at the party also received tickets for underage consumption of alcohol, I passed all three of my breathalizer tests with .000's. my friend micah who was also sober and also ticketed for being a part of a noisy assembly emailed Darcy Pohland from WCCO about the incident since she had recently done a story about the U of M party patrol. Micah called me up today to say that Darcy was coming over to his house to interview him and wondered if I wanted to come too. So I was on the six oclock news today. here is a link to the story on the WCCO website.


Three weeks and counting...

The expectant couple at Janelle's shower Sunday night.