Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Vote Early! Vote Often!!! (but only if you want to)

Congratulations on your publication, Janelle! Is it online somewhere?


As some may recall, I mentioned "Podcasting" back in March. Well, that led to an odd podcast I've been doing of
A Klingon Word from the Word "Klingon Bible Studies."
(yes, yes, some people have way too much free time.) Anyway... IF you wanted to boost my popularity among the weirdos, you could vote here to improve my ranking for this month (yeah, it is a monthly ranking). Thanks!


Nancy, glad you finally got your car to stop honking. A similar thing happened to me once, so I took out the security system.

Good news. I published my first essay in the Spring/Summer 2005 issue of Asian Cinema Journal! It's an essay about the film "Jose Rizal." Yay!


Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Serial Adventures

You All put in such pretty pictures. I'll paint a picture in your imagination. This is a serial adventure series...
One adventure was when I was in Illinois. My mom was in the rehab. facility and I had been with her for the day. (She’s home & doing well now.) As I left to go home, I opened the door of my parents’ car and the horn started honking ... HONK, HONK, HONK... on and on. I tried everything I could think of to get it to stop. I started the engine, I turned the lights on and off, the radio, the hazard lights. I got out of the car and looked helpless. I thought of going into the nursing home to see if I could find someone to help me figure it out, but here I was in a nursing home parking lot. It was probably past bedtime for many folks, so I finally decided I had to get out of there. I started driving, thinking that any second the honking would stop. I was really hoping that I would see a police car, but where are they when you need them? I thought of stopping before I got on the freeway, but at the freeway entrance was the hospital. I just couldn’t stop there! I traveled for a few miles honking every second until I got to Aunt Bernice’s corner... some of you know where I mean... where it finally stopped. I held my breath the rest of the way. When I got to the farm, I turned off the engine and the honking started all over again. Fortunately, my sister was there and she told me to put my key in the door lock and sure enough, it worked.
Because I had opened the door without using the key, the horn had started honking... the car’s security system... I suppose it was good that I didn’t see any police.
I'm really glad to be back home and watching Stevie play amazing tennis. We're very proud!
By the way, a very belated but heartfelt Happy Birthday to Ingrid and Mae! Nancy

Como Zoo on Memorial Day

Maria and I headed over to the Como Zoo and Conservatory yesterday. We had a great day of watching the animals, and strolling through the beautiful gardens. Here is a picture that maria took in the Sunken Gardens at the conservatory. Nice shot honey!

Click here for more pictures from our day at the como zoo.

Monday, May 30, 2005

Weekend Project!

Our fence by the front gate was pretty much falling apart... so I made a new one this weekend!

Playing Kubb last night in Forest Lake with Maria's family.