Saturday, August 16, 2003

I thank everybody for the news. As part of our virtual Minnesota State Fair (a service for out-of-staters), here is my crop art entry:

There is a "novice" category for anyone who has not entered before. Look for "Bird Seed" in the horticulture building.

Norris and I have walked through the fairgrounds a couple times recently, even though it is off-limits to cars now. Last night, we went to church because it was a holy day, and then had Joel drop us off on Snelling so we could walk through the grounds before it got totally dark. It was very interesting, as a lot was being set up, but I don't really think we were supposed to be there. Patrol cars examined us closely and we had to walk by several police officers. They just said, "Hi," but I guess we'll stay away until Thursday.

BTW, we will not be doing anything for Liv's birthday as she is gone at a retreat this weekend, will be going to Omaha with me on Tuesday and Wednesday, and then starts 12 days in the root beer barrel on Thursday. Say "Happy Birthday" to her there!

We have been having a difficult time with Kokomo this week as he has been in pain and hiding under the dresser for several days. We brought him to the vet yesterday and he has a ruptured disc in his back, with partial paralysis of his back legs (Liv said, "He's just like Uncle Paul"). He is now on steroids and a muscle relaxant and is feeling much better. However, he is supposed to be on complete "bed rest" for 3-4 weeks, which is impossible, especially as he is cage-shy. We are supposed to carry him up and down stairs and keep him from jumping on furniture, etc. Not easy! The worst part is, although he has a 90% chance of recovering from this episode without further treatment, he will be prone to further injury in the future and may have permanent damage.

Friday, August 15, 2003

Scenes from a New York blackout…

I hope everyone is doing well. I am sorry to hear about Roberta. New York is doing quite well, I believe all of Manhattan is restored to power now. It was a daunting day and a half, but nothing compared to the last blackout in 77, when there was widespread looting and fires. From my experience, New Yorkers in general helped each other out—my friend was able to ride in the back of a pickup truck ten miles home. I wasn’t able to get home but was able to stay with a friend in midtown, and today I took a bus home, because there were no subway trains running. I didn’t go to work today because my building didn’t have power, and for the first time, I think ever, we won’t put a magazine out on Monday, but the important thing is everyone is safe and at home. The people that had the worst of it were in subways or on elevators, I think, though everyone was rescued in the end. Quite an experience! It really makes me think how dependent we are on electricity. Anyway-thanks for all your thoughts. Talk to all of you soon!
Take care,

Here is the picture that I submitted in the State Fair competition.

My friend George tried to submit a picture today, but he was too late.
I guess Joel will have some competition this year.
I am so sorry to hear about the death of Roberta. It's very interesting to hear all about your previous wife, Mark. I had no idea that's how the two of you met. I wish I knew how to play an instrument. I feel like the ugly duckling in this family of musicians. :)

Well, just this last week I was transferred to a different position at work. I am still at the same company and doing the same closing assistant job. However, I am now dealing with closings in Iowa rather than Minnesota. It's very different being here in Minnesota and preparing all of the documents for another state. There is a lot more work to do for Iowa, which is something that I was looking for. My other position was very slow and my previous job at Edina Realty Title was way too much. I can never find a job that is in between busy and slow. Why is that?
Mae in NY (as reported in email by John):

Mae spent the night with a friend from work who lives near the office --
when last heard from they were eating peanutbutter sandwiches for dinner.
Maybe she can be persuaded to recount her experiences in the Blog. She kept
calling home last night to find out what was happening in NY.

I'm sorry to hear about your mother-in-law, Mark. My deepest sympathies.

Has anyone heard from Mae in New York? My brother called me on his cell phone, and said he was stranded on a bus. Poor New York City.


Thursday, August 14, 2003

Roberta Worrell my mother-in-law from my first wife Jan passed away in Colorado Springs on August 1 at the age of 89. She had outlived her husband Joe, daughter Jan and son David. During the last ten days of her life she was being given hospice care in her own apartment. In addition several women from her church took turns staying with her. I was notified a week before she died and was able to speak with her and played cello music for her over the phone several times. String music was what initially brought us together. Jan (cello) and I (violin/viola) played together in the Roosevelt high and University of Minnesota orchestras. Over the years chamber music was frequently a part of family gatherings when they lived in Minneapolis, when they would come back for visits and when we went to Colorado Springs . In addition to Jan and I, musicians included (not all at the same time) Roberta (violin/viola), Joe (flute), David Worrell( violin), Roberta’s sister Betty(cello) , Betty’s daughter Karen (viola) ,Nancy (voice) and eventually Peter, Tom and Stephen on their instruments. Joe and Roberta enjoyed many years of retirement in their adopted home of Colorado Springs where they had many friends through their church. Peace be to their memory.
Ha ha. Funny post Joel. I can just picture you as a spandexed Jetsonite.

I was perusing Matt's blog and found he had a root canal in May. I just had the same, painful experience, last week, except I was doing jury duty at the time, which made it even worse!

So now I am waiting to go back next week and get the rest of the root canal done--any tips on how to get through it Matt? You can e-mail me if this is to gruesome for the general public.

Hope everyone else is doing better than I am!


Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Emissary from the Future

I just dropped off my entry in the State Fair ( THIS year I may have more competition as Matt threatens to enter something... (but has he? Time is running out!)

Whenever I bring in my "computer art" to the fair, it seems the volunteers are 90 years old, and baffled by the notion that they have such a category as "computer-generated art." I feel like some spandex clad Jetsonian who has come bearing greetings from the world of tomorrow.

"Yea, verily, long have I labored with punch card and my Multivac computron to
create this wonder. You denizens of yesterday, BEHOLD !