Saturday, April 03, 2004

happy spring break

hey guys. I am like the only person who ever says anything on the blog. this is ridiculous. I guess that joel, teresa and liv are in ny and my parents are in Ill. but still. norris and I went to the club today. boy oh boy was it fun. we did some upper body and lower body workouts and stuff like that. then we ran a mile and did some abs. upon leaving the club we went to lake calhoun and ran all the way around it. we think that it is a little over three miles but we dont know exactly how far it is. we saw his boss and her friend erikah. I think she had a thing for me but I'm not quite sure. then we went to noodles and norris graciously treated me to the pasta fresca. it was really good. then we got some jamba juices. whoo what a day. well see ya later. peace.

Monday, March 29, 2004


my parents will be going out of town to visit my grandparents, so I guess I will have the house to myself for the most part. apparently tom is going to be sleeping here while they're gone, but you know. peace.

I kind of just felt obligated to post something since it had been such a long time since anyone else had.