Friday, August 27, 2004

Note to Janelle, Matt & Family

I'm so sorry, Janelle, about your dear Papang. Mark and I really enjoyed visiting with your grandparents when they were at your home. After everyone else left, we talked for about an hour with them. They were both very sweet, both to us and to each other. I remember him with fondness. Love, Nancy

Your family is in our prayers


we're sorry to hear about your grandfather. I know how hard it is to lose someone who means so much to your family like that.. Your family is in our prayers


My grandfather passed away last night. Dear Papang. He used to go fishing with Uncle Fred.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Blame your brother!

He's the one who jinxed you with that picture!

We're sorry to hear that, Stephen. I hope you are okay and don't let it get you down too much. I had this happen once when Norris was little - Teresa, Norris and I were stopped at a sign and the woman behind me decided I should be moving and started forward. There wasn't any damage (though Norris was crying in his car seat). I thought we should just exchange insurance info and move on, but the woman insisted on having a sheriff check things out (in case I pulled out an old wreck and claimed she smashed into it, I guess). Funny thing was, when the sheriff came she got a ticket for having expired license tabs!

so much for driving

today I got rear-ended by a green minivan as I dutifully made a complete stop at a stop sign. the street was wet and slippery, and the stop sign is at the bottom of a hill, so the lady had trouble stopping I guess. it wasnt my fault at all, I promise. it must sound pretty ridiculous that I already got into a car accident after having my license for only three days. I am kind of embarrassed about it, but I dont think I really have any reason to be. there really wasnt anything I could have done about it. this whole experience really has taken the thrill out of driving.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Congrats, Stevie! I'm sure you're a wonderful driver. And just remember you're only *CURRENTLY* the last Anderson of your generation to get his/her license. I've knit a baby blanket for a potential future niece or nephew, but it would be a LONG time 'til he/she takes their driving test!

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Oh no, he can drive?

uh oh - you got your license? clear the roads, up go the insurance rates! Look out here he comes!

just kidding of course..:)

I am the last anderson to get his/her license

well liv I guess you beat me. congrats. its all good though, we still chili, I got mine this morning.

Monday, August 23, 2004

Pictures from a trip

(Click above for some pictures and notes from our trip)

On the lam in Bean-Town!

On Sunday we got back from our whirlwind tour of Boston - it was a good trip. In my case "good" means "not cooling my heels in a jail cell."

We took off in staggered order. Liv and Teresa had frequent-flyer tickets and left first, I followed on a different plane. Once they landed they jumped in a taxi and high tailed it to BU, as they had an appointment for a tour and visit. They traveled with carry-on luggage only. (Norris didn't come till the next day.)

Meanwhile, I arrived, collected my bag and threaded my way by bus and three subway lines to Harvard, to stop at Teresa's cousin Emmie's place. I had (barely adequete) directions to the place, and less than adequete instructions on where to find the key and no instructions on how to get in. (We'd been there once, about 8 years ago.)

"Keys in 2x4 cubby hole on back porch".

This lead to wandering back of the place (a brownstone-ish apartment-become-condo's near Harvard.) I spotted the porch. The porch had no access (up a level, no entrance, no stairs). I wandered around some more and found no access to the porch. Finally I realized the porch had a small notch (a cub hole?) formed where two 2x4's intersected. Found a baggy with keys by reaching up and feeling around in it.

Got in the front door and discovered that knowing I was looking for "unit 1B" didn't help; there were no labels.

"Ah - the porch was on the left side. HERE is a door on the left side! I'll try that!"

After trying every key (including the car key) I fumbled around some more, until a white-haired man brandishing a cane popped out of a side door.

"Why are you trying to break into my apartment!?!?! I'm calling the police!"

I stammered out an explanation, tried to offer my ID, only to have him reply "I'm calling the police!" and then disappear again.

I left a panicky cell phone message for Teresa and Liv (I had Teresa's phone) then called one of Emmie's friends, who explained carefully how to thread my way back to the right door (go right, then left down a hall, then left again then right then left).

THEY (Teresa and Liv) claim I was jumpy and on the alert for the fuzz the rest of the trip... but I think I was perfectly cool.