Saturday, December 03, 2005

Christmas Festival

I hope they use clean needles, Stevie. Are you trying to worry us so we'll send you money?

Last night, Joel and I attended our first St. Olaf Christmas Festival. It was quite the event--five choirs and an orchestra, involving 1/6 of the school's students. There are four performances and each hosts about 2,000 guests. Unfortunately, our seats were to the side and so close to the stage that we couldn't see some of the participants, including our darling daughter. For those of you with access to local public radio, the Sunday show will be broadcast live at 3:30.

Here's a picture of Liv afterward.

well there really isnt any snow here in chicago, but I did give plasma today. not only do they pay me cash, but they pay in two dollar bills. what a deal!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

roof jumping

traying certainly sounds like a lot of fun liv - we did something similar in Duluth when i was in college. The most fun we had though was to go to the 1 story residence hall and jump off the roof into the huge snow drifts that would gather below. Isn't college fun! (and you even get to learn too!)


Here are some of my friends and I traying (sledding on trays) last night. The snow was so pretty. We sled on trays and plastic bags down Old Main Hill. I'm looking forward to lots more fun sledding adventures!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Hmm... Minnesota in December

Congrats on your achievement, Ingrid. As far as the weather here, it probably will be quite cold. Right now, at 7:20 pm on Nov. 30, it is 19 degrees F. It could well be below zero. We have plenty of extra jackets and coats, however, so don't feel you have to come equipped with everything for an Antarctic expedition. We are looking forward to the wedding and the giant Anderson slumber party at our house!


Thanks, Joel. Great picture, by the way. I'll have to find some of that ale! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in a couple of weeks, and have a question: exactly how cold is it going to be in Minnesota in December? I know I spent four years in college there but we always had Thanksgiving to Christmas off...


Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Give a cheer!

Congratulations, Dr. Ingrid!!!!

(sorry - I googled for a "celebration picture".. and this looked nice and Christmas-y too... so...)