Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Joel, you've figured it out... your artists rendition was actually very close to how she actually looks. Here is an actual photo of Nala the Ewok princess. :) (watch out, it IS turning into cute dog blog.)

Dog.... or alien?

IS it possible that Nala is really an undercover Ewok?!?


Congratulations, Liv! Go Northfield! That's awesome--I wish you the best of a collegiate career at the school across the river. Have a tea at Blue Mondays for me, and don't spend too many nights at the Reub.


P.S. Nala is so cute! So is Koko. This is going to turn into the cute dog blog soon.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Um Ya Ya

For those who might not understand the Um Ya Ya reference, that is St. Olaf's "fight" song... the only one in the nation written in waltz tempo. To read the words or listen to a rendition, go to:


thats good liv. congratulations. mctc is really looking attractive to me right now. so come september I'll be heading on down there. heck, I should probably just take a year off first, or maybe two...

Um Ya Ya

Well, today I got that envelope. I've been accepted Early Decision to St. Olaf so I'll be heading down there come September! UM YA YA!
We've realized that we no longer need a paper shredder at our house - Nala does a fine job.