Saturday, February 21, 2004

Hello! Nice to hear from you, Gustaf!
Dad (aka John) has been riding a new kind of recumbent bicycle lately (this is him in front of our house):

Nice outfit, Dad. I've been busy with Graduate Recruitment Weekend this weekend--the Delph lab as "Friends" poster was a big hit. I'm enjoying my role as Phoebe!

Thursday, February 19, 2004


Gustaf--what a nice surprise!!!

We would love to have you visit again. And we would love to visit Sweden (and will someday). Did you receive email from Sandy Williams recently? Dale and Sandy's son Jonathan is planning on visiting Sweden and wants to study Swedish.

We have been curious about the picture on your mother's Christmas card... can you explain exactly what it is or what it represents? Is it a Yule tomte or Santa standing in a bowl of coals, chestnuts, or candy?

Your English is great. Don't take English language lessons from our blog... especially not from our inner city high school students, Stevie and Liv.


Tom---I am doing a project on Cuba for school (planning a trip) could I make some copies of some pictures of yours or something or advice or whatever. You can email me at rather than write it on the blog for everyone to see.
School is very boring. Especially health. Luckily I have the idiot to teach me, so we do just a little busy work and he yells things like "Crack don't smoke itself!" and "The Big One's coming up! March 17th! I'm half-Irish [pause] Big Ma's 100%" Oy vey.

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

old school

Hey everyone,
Gustaf, it is pretty chill that you posted some stuff on the blog. I cant believe that it was 1998 that you were here. 6 years ago, where does the time go?
so today I got up at 6:10 to do homework. I have gotten into the habit of doing so because I am so tired after tennis that it is just easier to get up early than stay up late. It is good because I can have a good breakfast and today I even made coffee. the hw that I got up to do was an essay for an application for a class that I want to be in next year. it is for seniors and it is kind of exclusive. I dont think I will have any trouble getting into the class, even though I am a bit of a slacker. English and Social Studies are my favorite and best subjects and thats what this class is. it is a block class actually. well, anyways, the application was due today. after school I am going to tennis out at northwest. after tennis I am planning on working out with danny and christina, but I dont think that they will fill norris' size 13 shoes. well, I think that I am going to go do some reading now. ms. hoyt said that I could do whatever I wanted, since I finished my assignment so quickly. peace.

Dear relatives!

This is a post by "cousin" Gustaf from Sweden. Unfortunately it's been a long time since I last talked and wrote to any of you. But with some luck I recently came over Matt's rocketflix-webpage (I remember he sent it to me a few years ago and I was going to see if it was still there!) which led me on to your family blog. It was really nice to see! Then I contacted Peter on Messenger and he was kind to give me a login so that I could write something here.

I lost all my addresses to you some time ago so I'm very glad I found you. I have great memories from my trip when I visited you in 1998 and you all showed me such great hospitality. I've often thought about going back to the US but there has never been enough time/money to do it yet.

To Teresa, Joel, Norris and Liv I also would like to send many warm greetings from my mother. She is very happy for the Christmas letter you send to her every year. It's become a nice tradition for her (and all of us who reads them) to receive some stories from Amerika.

I hope that you all are healthy and that life treats you well. I also hope that you have been able to read my bad, Swedish-influenced English.

It would really be great if we could regain the contact.

Take care,


Gustaf Fryksén
Åldermansgatan 3C
22736 Lund

Phone: +46-46143046
Cellphone: +46-705-823596
Instant Messenger:
ICQ UIN: 7751794

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

Tom, Stevie and Norris

Tom, we are glad you are safe... it sounds like a horrible experience. It's good you have a big heart, but maybe next time you shouldn't immediately run outside when you hear gunshots. Just a thought.

Stevie, I did not tell Norris what you wrote about him. He happened to be here and I told him to read about Tom on the blog. However, I will tell your classmates what you think of them.
Tom, hope you are feeling OK. Yes, it is true that I am very strong. It has been fun working out with Stevie. I have finally found a workout partner that comes somewhat close to my incredible level of fitness. I have only two corrections to Stevie's post. First, Stevie and I don't make fun of people at Northwest, we just see a lot of very interesting characters. Second, I can't do more than 5 assisted pull-ups to save my life.

I am now working late shifts at Marshall Field's, supervising the truck processing and stockroom functions. I work four ten hour days, Wed-Sat. I work 2 p.m. to finish, which can be anywhere between 12 am and 2 am. I am still putting in a few hours at Starbucks. Having so many mornings free, I am trying to get Stevie to drop out of school to go workout with me.

el dia de nuestro amor

hola familia,
tom, are you ok? wow, I know that you are physically unscathed, but I am sure that there will definitely be lasting emotional consequences stemming from this horrific experience of yours. anyways, this is stevie. I am in fifth hour right now. it sure has been a while since I have been in the computer lab for one of my classes. this time it is chemistry. I am supposed to be researching alfred nobel and his invention of dynamite, but you know. my class is so ghetto. it is unbelievable. everyone in my class is really dumb, I just hope that they don't glance at my computer and read all of the horrible things I am saying about them. it probably doesnt matter much anyways, since they wouldn't understand most of the vocabulary that I use in my high class talkin. I am back to normal pretty much with regards to my physical activities. I played tennis everyday last week, and am planning to do the same this week. norris and I have been working out together. it is alot of fun to make fun of the people there. one guy looks like billy graham. the resemblance is remarkable. so anyways, we are getting into pretty good shape I think. norris is pretty strong. he was better than me at the free weights. but to tell the truth(dont tell norris that I said this, that means you teresa) he cant do a set of pull-ups to save his life. well, I better get going. ms. hoyt just walked by and I had to pretend that I was looking things up on google. she already likes me, since I am the only one in her class that does my work, but I still am going to try to stay on her good side. peace.

pete, did you say two bedrooms?... when are you going?

Monday, February 16, 2004

At 2:00 I hear the gunshot and looked out my window to see the woman screaming. I grabbed my phone and ran across the street and the suspect was gone. The woman, who was the girlfriend of the dead man, was sprawled over his body and I will spare you any details, but I was right there standing over them talking to the 911 operator and trying to ask the woman questions. So I saw the victim very close up and so there is a very graphic image of the whole thing burned in my mind.

I am doing okay though, at first the image was relentlessly with me, but I have come to be able to control it now and am happy to be feeling quite fine.

that is all,


Sunday, February 15, 2004


we're all very thankful that you're safe after that horrible incident.. were you interviewed by the police? Did you see the man who was shot, and was the suspect still around when you went out side? We'll have to talk more about it later.. hope you're doing ok after all that..

Maria and I are going to Las Vegas March 7th-14th. Maria's parents generously allowed us to use a week of their banked timeshare time. We'll be staying at the beautiful Polo Towers right on the Vegas strip (next door to the MGM Grand). Click here to view.

We got a huge 2 bedroom/2bath/full kitchen suite, so we'll be living in luxury all week. Here is our room's layout:

We can't wait! Any suggestions any of you have on places to go/see are appreciated.

You may have heard they just caught the suspect in a double murder case in Minneapolis.

One of the murders you can read about happened outside my living room window. I heard a shot and a woman screaming for help, ran outside, saw the victim and made the 911 call. I am okay.


Older than dirt...

Thanks for the b-day wishes. It was great to see the picture from BRAG 1994, 10 years ago this summer. It's been raining non-stop down here for days, but at least it's way above freezing. I guess I'll go down and ride in the basement. I'll try to get a picture of me on my new (used) 7 foot long bike -- long as a car and almost as comfortable. We're looking forward to seeing Matt and Janelle in a couple of weeks. Have fun everybody...