Saturday, September 03, 2005

Um Ya Ya!

Here's the view you get after hauling bags and boxes up three flights of stairs to Liv's new digs on the St. Olaf campus (click the picture for a bigger version). I guess you don't HAVE to haul stuff up there to get the view, but that's how WE did it.

Liv is all moved in and happy with the execution of her design for the room she shares with Katie. (Chances are she'll be posting some pictures of the room herself.) We had a nice day helping her settle in, as well as hearing *delightful* speeches from the faculty. As Stevie said of one of his professors, they were a bit "longwinded."
We weren't able to indulge in any tears on our way home because, due to a sudden storm, the visibility was poor enough.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Andersons at the Fair, 2005 (click for a bigger picture)

We've been busy at the Fair! Besides Norris, Teresa and Joel marching (well, rolling) in the parade on Friday, we (Joel, Teresa and Liv) have been volunteering at various booths, and entering our creative works in the competitions. Norris is also judging 4H talent. All told, we managed to score 14 free tickets!


chicago is pretty awesome. there are these thrift stores here that i would maybe compare to the salvation army or goodwill rather than savers because it isnt as neatly kept up as savers but there are still lots of nice namebrand clothes. the stuff there is way better any of the aforementioned stores because the prices are ridiculously low. I bought two pairs of polo khakis and a pair of tommy hilfiger cords for 7 dollars total. and today I bought a biker/messenger style of backpack for only 90 cents. I am pretty impressed at my frugality and vocabulary at the moment. classes start tomorrow and I am taking intro to the bible, studies in literature, intro to the personal computer and internet and then some fruitcake class. my email is just in case anyone wants to send me a friendly greeting or whatev. also, if you would like to visit me, feel free to stop on by. just make sure that i know you are coming first. well I better go party.